Visualize your entire family’s investments in one reliable, secure portfolio tracker

Ditch time-consuming spreadsheets, keep your eye on all your investments & stay on top of the markets with StockMarketEye’s portfolio tracker

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Stop Spending Hours In Your Portfolio Spreadsheets

StockMarketEye is designed to help you retire your career as spreadsheet jockey and embrace the power of saving hours on aggregating your investments into a single, accurate, reliable, and predictable portfolio tracker.

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Save Time Managing Portfolios

Stop spending hours as a spreadsheet jockey and start managing all of your investment accounts in one place.

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Organize Your Investments, Stock Watchlists, & Charts

Present all of your data to match your preferences & facilitate your investment research with watchlists.

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Reliably Plan & Predict Your Retirement Budget

Get perspective with built-in, historical stock price charts.

  • End-of-day and 1 & 5 day intra-day charts
  • 14 technical indicators
  • 6 chart styles, pan and more
  • Built-in and/or separate window charts
  • Buys, sells, dividends, splits on the chart
  • Use comparison charting for improved analysis

What The Media Thinks About Us

This is not only one of the cleanest-looking but also one of the easiest stock trackers we’ve used.

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Manage All Your Investments In One Place

Visualizing your portfolio across multiple brokerage accounts, scattered spreadsheets, and multiple passwords is too time-consuming and exhausting.

Review all your holdings together in one spot and gain a better picture of your financial position. See the big picture and make well-informed investment decisions.

StockMarketEye lets you track an unlimited number of portfolios. Track your actual investment accounts to get up-to-date information about your net worth and performance. Or test different investment scenarios with virtual portfolios.

Using Portfolio Groups and Categories, you can group individual portfolios together as well as and categorize your investments within a portfolio.

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Get Started Tracking Your Investments

It’s never too early to start tracking for retirement

StockMarketEye lets you track all of your investments in one quick glance so you can can navigate and profit from the market’s moves.

Importing your accounts directly from supported brokerages using the “direct connect” method for US brokerages, or our Advanced Brokerage Import for brokerages in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India and more.

Additionally, you can import data from industry standard investment files, such as QIF, OFX/QFX or CSV.

You can even add your transactions manually using StockMarketEye’s easy-to-use input windows.

Options to Import Brokerages Into StockMarketEye

Get Organized With Portfolio Groups

Portfolio Groups let you consolidate information across your many investments. on multiple portfolios. You can see totals of those portfolios, run reports over the combined holdings, as well as view a virtual portfolio of all their holdings together.

A portfolio group can even contain other portfolio groups, allowing you to set up a hierarchy of groups to see totals at different levels.

Get more insight about using Portfolio Groups in the StockMarketEye software.

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What Our Invested Customers Are Saying

I’ve never used a program to monitor the market before but this product is great. It is a simple, yet powerful tool. I can see everything I want to quickly and easily. The charts are extremely easy to read and setup. I have already noticed a boost in my investor confidence level in just a week of using it.

– Bill Randleberg, Private Investor, USA

… It is a very easy program to use with a lot of powerful features. I can spend my time investing, not learning software. Love it …

– David Johnston, Virginia, USA

This is one of the finest little apps for following the stocks that I have come across…It is easy for my wife to use and follow her portfolio and I can use it for additional analysis when talking to my stockbroker.

– Keith Thompson, Ohio, USA

Tailor Your Portfolio Dashboard With Investment Categories

Investment categories help you manage the individual holdings of your portfolio. Categories group individual holdings together, giving you separate totals for the holdings contained in the category.

As categories can be used within normal, individual portfolios, as well as within a portfolio group’s virtual portfolio, you get a powerful way of breaking down and analyzing asset allocation.

Categorize Your Investments

Track Your Progress With Investment Portfolio Reports

Analyze your current holdings and your portfolio’s performance through a set of powerful reports.

The Transactions report shows you the history of the activity that occurred in your account.

The Summary report gives you an overview of your portfolio’s activity and performance over a specific time period.

The Allocation report puts the diversification of your investments into perspective.

The Gain/Loss report shows you the gains and losses you have on your positions – both open and closed positions.

The unique Back-in-Time report allows you to view what your portfolio looked like on a specific day in the past.

Portfolio Reports Summary

Invest Internationally With Multi-Currency Support

Managing worldwide investments without a single portfolio tracker means spending too much time converting currencies, following multiple markets, and making strategic decisions per investment.

StockMarketEye has powerful multi-currency support to keep your investment strategy optimized.

You can track holdings from around the world and include foreign stocks in your portfolios.

The current exchange rates are applied to your foreign holdings, letting you see the value of the holdings in both your currency and the foreign currency.

Historical performance reports also use historical Forex rates so you get performance numbers that include currency rate changes.

Portfolio Tracking Details

Predict Your Income With Dividend Tracking

Not knowing your dividend income amount for retirement is scary. Get the complete picture of how much income is generated by your portfolio and track the yield of individual investments so you can plan for the future.

StockMarketEye provides a number of specialized columns to help you better analyze and plan out your dividend portfolio.

You can track relevant data for individual securities and your portfolio, such as dividend, yield, forward dividend, forward yield, payout ratio, YOC, and income received.

StockMarketEye Portfolio Tracker v5 - Main Screen

Determine Profits Or Loss With Cost Basis Tracking

Not sure how your investments are performing? Cost basis information lets you know how much you paid for your investments. Combine it with current market values and you get your profit or loss.

StockMarketEye offers standard lot-based cost basis calculations as well as average cost basis calculations.

Both calculations are always performed and available for analysis. You can choose, at the portfolio level, which is the default calculation method for your portfolio.

Average Cost Basis Calculations

Visualize Portfolio Growth & Value

See how the value of your portfolio has changed over time using the portfolio’s value chart.

Based on your historical transactions and historical stock prices, visualize how your portfolio has grown in value.

Add an extra dimension to your analysis by using a comparison symbol in the chart — see how your portfolio’s growth compares vs an index.

Historical Growth Chart and Comparison Symbol

How StockMarketEye Can Help You Manage Your Aggregated Investments

Ready to start accurately tracking your investments in a single portfolio?

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