About Us

Who We Are

My name is Nick. I’m an independent (“indie”) software developer. I’ve been creating software professionally for over 20 years and I am passionate about making useful tools for real people.

Several years ago I went looking for software to help me with my investments, but couldn’t find anything for the average investor like myself. Everything that I found was either very expensive, not easy to use, or designed only for Wall Street professionals. So I decided to build my own, making it simple and affordable, so that others could benefit too. Et voila! StockMarketEye was born.

Where Are We Going

StockMarketEye has come a long way since its initial release. It continues to grow, with new features added regularly. I encourage you to get in touch with any comments, criticisms or suggestions you might have. We rely on your feedback to help shape our products.

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Who We Are Not

We are not investment bankers, analysts or penny stock gurus. You won’t find investment advice, company analysis or stock ratings on this site. What you will find here are tools that can help you make the most of your time and money.

Business Name and Address


548 Market Street, Suite 57601
San Francisco, CA 94104


    Our preferred method of communication is via email:

    Note that because we’re busy making great software, we ask that you please e-mail us any questions you might have! We respond promptly, professionally and personally to e-mails.