Comparing To A Benchmark

Are your investments outperforming the broader market?

See Your Investment's Performance In A Different Light

Your investments are up 10% … but the 'market' is up 20%. Time to re-evaluate your holdings?

Benchmarking your investments gives you information you need to make those important investment decisions.

Use any index, ETF, fund or individual stock as your benchmark.

Review Your Investments Individually Or As A Whole

Benchmarking lets you see how your investment would have performed had it been made in the benchmark security instead.

The values computed for the benchmark include dividends paid by the benchmark security so you get an accurate, real-world picture for comparison.

See how your individual investments stack up — Or weigh your entire portfolio against the benchmark.

Choose from multiple benchmark values to compare against, such as Total Return (TR), Market Value, CAGR, IRR and TWRR.

Get more details on setting up benchmark comparison columns in our User's Guide.

Add Your Benchmark Symbol To The Chart For Comparison

You can also add a comparison symbol to the chart — visually compare individual investments or your portfolio.

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