The Best Investment Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

Christmas Gifts For Investors Gift Box With Piggy Bank

We’ve all been there, looking for the perfect holiday gift for special someone. You’ve thumbed through catalogs, scrolled retail sites, and done some actual window shopping. What about something useful that makes the most of your money and will grow over time?

Boy, have we got the wish list for you! Investment gifts are thoughtful and carry value long after the din of the holidays has blown over. This list will help you find the perfect, impactful gift for any budget.

Five of StockMarketEye’s Top Investment Gift Ideas

There are lots of great investments you could gift on this holiday. But we’re listing some of the top ideas that the folks at StockMarketEye have found to be wonderful gifts. They are sure to be of lasting value to a loved one.

1. Grade A (or Higher) Bonds

Bonds are how governments or corporations sometimes raise money to grow or take on special projects. An entity issues bonds, people buy them, and they collect interest until a specified maturity date when they can get cashed out.

Agencies like Standard & Poor’s (S&P) rate an entity’s credibility according to the ability of the issuer to back them. Anything grade A or higher is sure to carry its value to maturity. A short- or long-term bond certificate could be the most valuable stocking stuffer you’ll ever give.

2. Start or Invest in Their IRA

Individual Retirement Accounts are tax-advantaged investment tools that help people save toward retirement. They consist of many investments, and the owner can contribute to an IRA at different levels up to a maximum amount per year.

It’s easy to start an IRA for a kid or contribute to someones’ already established investing account. You can add a little more money each season as a sort of holiday tradition. They’ll remember you and 2022 as a special holiday when retirement comes.

3. Open a High-Interest Savings Account for Them

A savings account is a great way to help pay for your favorite things, which may be the grandest gift. They can use a savings account for anything because it is simply money in the bank collecting interest, and you can access it anytime.

Shop for an account with a competitive rate, particularly in times of higher interest rates. The person who receives this gift can even hold it and benefit from compounded gains.

4. Buy Stock in Their Favorite Company

Ever hear someone say, “I love shopping at Target” or “I can get lost in Lowe’s hardware for hours”? Give them a slice of ownership in the company they help support. Every time they go there, they will see the operation’s health and be reminded of your gift.

You could also pick up shares of a newer corporation with good growth potential. After all, the recipient has nothing to lose.

5. Open a CDA (3, 6, or 12 months)

Interest rates on certificates of deposit (CDs) usually beat routine savings accounts because they lock funds away for a fixed time. If your recipient has things they want or need in the future, you can put money in a CDA and let them choose how to spend it when the time comes.

A CD is the perfect gift for a young couple or someone just starting in the working world.

The Best Christmas Gifts for Someone Who Likes Investing

People who already have money are probably into investing of some sort. Give them something to enhance their investing experience.

A StockMarketEye License

Some people have investments stashed all over the place and need a central place to keep up with them. Whoever gets this gift will have a tool that consolidates everything for managing, monitoring, charting, growth, and more.

You can subscribe for less than $100 and leave the license key under the tree. People love the gift of time and convenience that StockMarketEye provides.

A Financial Advisor Session

Even if someone likes to invest independently, getting input from a financial pro always helps. A financial advisor can point your special gift recipient to the type of investments that suit their particular situation.

Financial advisors charge from $200 to $400 for an hour, and a session would be perfect for someone needing help with what to do next with their money.

Three Main Benefits of Gifting an Investment

  • It’s a gift that keeps giving. Most gifts depreciate with age, but an investment gains value over time.
  • It instills an investor mindset. Too many people – particularly young people – don’t consider their financial future. Giving appreciable assets plants that sense of good investing in their minds. The best learning tool can be watching money grow.
  • It supplements your gift-giving. You can give more conventional things, but you can also spend some of your money on gifts that get them your money’s worth.

We Recommend a Mix of Investment and Spending

When you consider the money you have set aside for holiday gifts, investments make unique and thoughtful gifts showing you care. Spend part of your holiday budget doling out stock, bond, and CD certificates.

Trust us, investments and investment tools make excellent stocking stuffer supplements to socks and underwear. Give the options on this list a close look as you wrack your brain trying to decide the right thing to give someone special. You’ll feel good, and they will appreciate it.

Whichever way you spend money this holiday season, spend wisely and have a meaningful and bountiful new year!

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