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iOS and Android Apps Updated

Sep. 20th 2017

Updated versions of StockMarketEye for iOS and Android are now available.

The updated versions fix the recent issues with Google Finance quotes. We also fixed some other minor issues with quotes for some Yahoo Finance ticker symbols. The Android version also has improved formatting for foreign exchange quotes. The iOS version fixed an issue with the news feed for Yahoo Finance ticker symbols.

You can get version 1.3.8 of StockMarketEye for iOS on the App Store.

Version 1.1.2 of StockMarketEye for Android is available on the Google Play Store.

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StockMarketEye for iOS v1.3.5 Released

Sep. 1st 2016

We’ve released StockMarketEye for iOS v1.3.5. This is a compatibility and stability update of our investment tracking app for Apple iOS devices (iPhone + iPad).

What’s New in StockMarketEye for iPhone v1.3.5?

  • Show overridden Last price values from the desktop app. The price will have an asterisk in front of it, like on the desktop.
  • Options to disable showing decimal places.
  • Sort-by-symbol not overridden by on-line sync.
  • Fix for buy price value for multi-lot holdings.
  • Fixes for ticker symbols from the Spanish exchange.
  • Fixes for options ticker symbols.
  • Fixes for changes to data encoding from Yahoo.
  • Update iOS compatibility.
  • Minor performance improvements.

If you already have StockMarketEye for iOS, you’ll get the update automatically from the App store.

If you don’t yet have our investment tracking app for iOS, you can purchase it in the App store for only $2.

The StockMarketEye for iOS is compatible with our desktop investment management software, StockMarketEye. The desktop investment tracker works on Mac, Windows and Linux. Download the latest version of StockMarketEye and try it out free for 30 days!

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StockMarketEye for iOS v1.3.0 Released

Nov. 15th 2014

We are proud to announce that a new version of StockMarketEye for iOS is now available on the App Store.

Version 1.3.0 sports the new iOS 7/8 flat look. It works the same as the previous version, but has a different look-and-feel to it. We think you’ll appreciate how it blends in with other iOS 7 applications. We’ve also added support for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6plus.

This version also improves the news article reading experience. The new version of StockMarketEye for iOS will open articles in Chrome or Safari, rather than using a built-in browser. We recommend installing Chrome (it’s free) as it makes returning to StockMarketEye when you’re done reading much easier.

You can now also choose which tab you’d like to start on. In the old version, you would always start on the Watchlists tab. Now you can choose between the Watchlists, Portfolios or Synchronization tab.

Below is a complete list of changes and fixes in this version of StockMarketEye for iOS v1.3.0.

What’s New In StockMarketEye for iOS v1.3.0


  • Updated look for iOS 7/8.
  • Support for iPhone 6 and 6plus.
  • Improved news reading experience by opening articles in Chrome (recommended) or Safari.
  • Added setting for selecting which tab to start on.
  • Fix for broken passcode protection on iOS 8.
  • Fix for money market fund pricing.
  • Fix crash when there was no previous close price available.
  • Fix for calculation of market value and gain when multiple currencies are involved.
  • Fixed minor issues with on-line sync to desktop app.
  • Fixed a freeze when refreshing portfolio totals.
  • Update to latest Appirater.
  • Note: This version of StockMarketEye for iOS is only available if you are using iOS 7 or later.

If you use StockMarketEye for iOS, please consider giving us a 5-star rating on the App Store. Good ratings help us stand out from the crowd, attract more customers and help support the continued development of StockMarketEye. (If you’re on a Mac or iOS device, you can use this direct link to write a review.)

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StockMarketEye for iOS v1.2.2 Released

Oct. 7th 2013

We are proud to announce the release of StockMarketEye for iOS v1.2.2.

This release contains a couple of small fixes related to currency conversion.

Get the update from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

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StockMarketEye for iOS v1.2 Released

Sep. 20th 2013

We are proud to announce the release of StockMarketEye for iOS v1.2.

It has been a while since we’ve had a new version for iOS. This release adds support for the iPhone 5 screen as well as updated support for Spanish stocks, and many minor enhancements and fixes.

Below is a complete list of the additions and changes in this version of StockMarketEye for iOS.

What’s New In StockMarketEye for iOS v1.2

New and Updated Features

  • Support for iPhone5 4in screen.
  • Added support for Spanish exchange (Madrid) stocks and option symbols. Now all of the ticker symbols supported in the desktop version of StockMarketEye are also supported in the iOS version.
  • Significant reduction in bandwidth used for on-line synchronization.
  • Updated synchronization for improved integration with the desktop version of StockMarketEye.
  • Added support for setting the currency, exchange rate and comments when recording buy and sell transactions.
  • Can now show more decimal places for prices and quotes.
  • Currency/FX quotes always show 4 decimals places.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed exchange rate calculation problems in portfolio.
  • Fixed problem that some lesser used tickers did not show up in the search results.
  • Fixed issue with portfolios crashing the app when the buy price was 0.
  • Fixed a problem that created 2 transactions when editing.

Get the updated version today from the App Store!

And please consider updating your review of StockMarketEye in the App Store. Thanks!

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StockMarketEye for iOS v1.1

May. 8th 2012

We’re proud to announce the immediate availability of StockMarketEye for iOS v1.1 in the Apple App Store. This is a big update with many new, user requested features!

See it in the App Store!

What’s New In StockMarketEye for iOS v1.1

New Features

  • Brighter and easier to read theme.
  • Summary view for portfolios, including a new setting which allows you to include/exclude a portfolio from the summary. Visually, the portfolio’s icon includes a blue check mark if it’s included in the summary box.
  • Edit purchase transactions.
  • Sell individual lots.
  • Delete an item from a portfolio.
  • New portfolio setting to turn off the Cash Balance, just like in the desktop app.
  • New setting allows sorting by symbol in both Watchlists and Portfoilios.
  • Change your synchronization password.
  • Recover your synchronization password.
  • Details view of a watchlist item now includes the watch start price, watch change and watch % data, like in the desktop app.
  • General setting to show/not show Google exchange prefixes. By default, prefixes are not shown.
  • Various optimizations

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when accessing some pink sheet stocks through Google Finance.
  • Fixed name field not being correctly passed through sync.
  • Fixed problem with manual prices of items not being transferred correctly from desktop to iOS.
  • Fixed problem with UK transactions not being calculated properly with the currency multiplier and so the Portfolio Total was off.
  • Fixed display problem with Google RSS feeds.

Don’t forget to tell your friends about StockMarketEye!

Let us know if you have any questions, comments or problems.

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