Free Portfolio Tracking Software

A portfolio is a collection of stocks, bonds and other financial assets. You may have a small or large portfolio of investments that you manage. Perhaps you have not started investing and you are interested in working with a mock portfolio before you use your real funds with investment activities. The fact is that you can amass a considerably large portfolio and it can be challenging to fully monitor your assets when you are working with a large number of investments. However, your ability to manage your portfolio is imperative to your long-term success. The good news is that there is free portfolio tracking software available that can facilitate this process for you.

Free Portfolio Tracking Software

There are a number of portfolio tracking software programs available to you free of charge. They are, however, rather basic in nature. Some of the more advanced programs may link directly to your accounts, but the free versions at Yahoo! Finance and Google Finance are popular as well. These and other options essentially allow you to input the number of shares that you own, and the program will keep tabs on the holdings in your portfolio in this manner. This means that you can use real or fake investments with relative ease, and you can easily determine how your investment decisions would have impacted your assets, if you are using a mock account.

Other Free Versions

There are also more advanced free versions available, such as the USA Today and CNN Money tracker programs. These are some of the many unique versions that have powerful capabilities, and they allow you to analyze investments through the program and to analyze your own investment efforts. Some can determine how risky your portfolio is, and they can analyze the portfolio to tell you how heavily weighted you are in high risk versus low risk stocks.

Free portfolio tracking software is available online for immediate use and may meet your needs perfectly. Some of these applications are robust and can be used to track both small and large portfolios. You can try them out and review their features on your own for free to see if they are suitable for your needs.

Advanced Portfolio Tracking Software

Beyond what free software can provide, commercial portfolio tracking applications provide for managing multiple portfolios (both real and mock), downloading your data from brokerages, analyzing performance metrics and reports, integrated charting and watchlists, as well as stock alerts and news feeds. If you’re serious about your investments, or even if you just want to go beyond the limits of the free trackers, you may want to checkout and evaluate software like StockMarketEye. It is easy to use, reasonably priced and offers a full 30-day free trial so you can fully test it out it before making any decision.

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