How a Stock Alert Can Save You Money

When it comes to investing in the stock market, timing is everything. Missing an important trade by minutes or seconds could cost you a considerable profit or result in a big loss on your investment. Instead of playing guessing games or missing out on important information, a stock alert can help you determine the best time to take action.

What Is a Stock Alert?

A stock alert is a notification that some aspect of a stock has passed a specific threshold that you have set. For example, you can set your alert to notify you as soon as the stock has increased or decreased in value by more than one percent or the trading volume has increased or decreased by more than 5 percent. Getting notified of an alert can be anything from a popup on your desktop to a text message on your phone, or even email notifications. Electronic notifications allow you to respond as quickly as possible because when it comes to stocks, fractions of a second in response time can make a big difference.

What Are the Benefits of Stock Alerts?

Setting up the right stock alerts, on stocks that you own, helps to make you aware of important market activities that you might not have otherwise noticed. You may be able to use the alert to prevent a significant loss if stocks you own drop in value. Likewise, you may decide to sell and take your profits if you notice an increase in the stock’s valuation and an increase in trading volume. The stock alert allows you to react quickly to buy, sell or trade stocks in your portfolio.

The Best Ways to Set Up Stock Alerts

When you’re a regular trader in the stock market, you need up to date information on all the stocks you own. To get the alerts you need, decide on what threshold you want for each alert. You may even decide to set up different levels for each stock. You may even want to have multiple alert types for a single stock. Be sure to keep your alerts up to date as you make changes to your portfolio. You won’t want to continue receiving text alerts for stocks that you no longer own.

Setting up an alert system for your stocks helps you save money by not missing out on the rapid changes that take place during the opening hours of the market. StockMarketEye has a built-in alert system that can help you quickly and easily manage alerts on stocks, funds, ETFs and Forex prices that you’re interested in.

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