Importing your data from Charles Schwab

StockMarketEye can import brokerage accounts from Charles Schwab.

This allows you to easily track your Charles Schwab accounts along with all of your other investment accounts within StockMarketEye. You’ll gain valuable insight into your net worth and the performance of all your investments in one convenient location.

There are 2 ways of importing your investment data from Charles Schwab:

I used to import from Charles Schwab using “direct connect”. What should I do now?

Charles Schwab has officially stopped supporting “direct connect” imports from 3rd party applications like StockMarketEye (as of October 2, 2021). This comes after almost 12 months of extensions and grace periods granted to StockMarketEye users since Schwab first announced their intention to shut down their “direct connect” (i.e. OFX) service.

If you were importing using from Charles Schwab using the “direct connect” method, we recommend that you now switch to use the CSV file import or Advanced Brokerage Import.

If you choose to use the CSV file import, we suggest exporting only the new transactions from Schwab. That is, on the “History” page in your Charles Schwab on-line account, use the “Date Range” to select only the transactions that are not currently in your StockMarketEye portfolio’s Transactions report. Then import the CSV file into your existing StockMarketEye Schwab portfolio.

If you choose to use the Advanced Brokerage Import, we recommend following this link to connect your existing StockMarketEye portfolio to the linked brokerage account:

Charles Schwab direct connect error

In addition to handling Schwab imports, there are tones of great features that make StockMarketEye one of the best portfolio tracking apps out there.