Introducing StockMarketEye 4

Posted on Monday, Feb. 8th 2016

Welcome to the next generation of StockMarketEye for Windows, Mac and Linux!

StockMarketEye 4 offers new features that help investors of all levels to better manage their investments.

Below are just some of the new features you’ll find in StockMarketEye 4.

Read our “What’s New” page for all the details and how you can start using these great new features today.

Grouped Portfolios

Grouping portfolios was one of our most requested features. In StockMarketEye 4, you can create any number of portfolio groups to help you better manage diverse sets of portfolios.

StockMarketEye 4 - Grouped Portfolios

Investment Categories

Within an individual portfolio, you can group your current investments using “Categories”. Categories help you organize and manage the positions within a portfolio.

Grouping and Categories are also available for Watchlists.

StockMarketEye 4 - Investment Categories

Enhanced Charts

We’ve enhanced the charting experience in StockMarketEye 4 to give you an improved visual perspective on your investments.

  • View purchase, sales, dividends and splits in the chart
  • Set custom date ranges
  • Enhanced external chart window
  • Inclusion of new technical indicators
StockMarketEye 4 - Enhanced Charts

New columns including…

Sector and Industry

By popular demand, we’ve added columns for “Sector” and “Industry”.
StockMarketEye will auto-populate values in these new columns, but they are also editable.

StockMarketEye 4 - Sector and Industry columns

:-), Target price and more

Other new columns include:

  • Smiley – an editable, icon-based column with over 25 colorful icons to choose from.
  • Target / Target % / Target Discount – set your own target price for a security in the editable “Target” column.
  • And many more!
StockMarketEye 4 - Other new columns

And so much more…

  • Summary report enhanced with performance charts.
  • Enhanced update-from-brokerage feature to update multiple accounts at once.
  • Fields for taxation and credits when recording dividends.
  • Support for using Average Cost Basis (ACB) calculation.
  • …and more!
Get All of the Details

Want to get started with StockMarketEye 4?

Those who have previously purchased StockMarketEye can upgrade to StockMarketEye for $40.
A new purchase of StockMarketEye 4 costs $99.95.
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2 Comments on “Introducing StockMarketEye 4”

  • Can stockmarketeye accept live data feeds; or is all data manually entered.

    If it does accept live data feeds; what is the source and how much does it cost?

  • StockMarketEye gets it’s data from Yahoo Finance and Google Finance. You can also enter prices manually.

    For your portfolios and watchlists, you can enter your holdings manually or import from brokerages.

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