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Posted on Thursday, Dec. 15th 2016

The developers of Investoscope recently announced that they are no longer developing or supporting their software. Investoscope users may now be wondering what to do and if there is an Investoscope alternative app that they can use to manage their investments.

Replacement for Investoscope

Investoscope was a capable and useful portfolio tracker. However, Investoscope users looking for a replacement will find that StockMarketEye offers many of the same capabilities. StockMarketEye also provids additional features that help the modern investor track and manage their investments.

In addition to providing top-notch portfolio tracking and management features, the following features show just how much StockMarketEye has to offer as an alternative to Investoscope.

Migrating from Investoscope to StockMarketEye

Moving to StockMarketEye from Investoscope is easy. Since v4.0.15, StockMarketEye has support for importing Investoscope CSV files. Simply export your transactions from Investoscope into CSV, then import the CSV file into StockMarketEye.

Export your Investoscope transactions to CSV

For each individual portfolio you have in Investoscope, follow these steps to export its transactions to a CSV file.

  1. Select the individual portfolio from the list on the left-hand side of the Investoscope window.
    Select the Investoscope portfolio to export
  2. Use the menu: File -> Export -> All Transactions to CSV…
    Export all transactions for this Investoscope portfolio.
  3. Choose a name for the file and where you want to save it, such as your Desktop.
    Choose an appropriate name for the Investoscope CSV file.
  4. The CSV file is ready to be imported into StockMarketEye. No changes to the file are necessary!

Getting StockMarketEye

As an Investoscope user, you may not yet have installed StockMarketEye. If that’s the case, you can get the latest version from our website.

Download StockMarketEye

You can try out StockMarketEye free for 30-days. Try out your Investoscope data in StockMarketEye for free!

Import the Investoscope CSV file into StockMarketEye

Importing a CSV file into StockMarketEye is described in our User’s Guide.

Importing Investment Data from CSV Files

However, please take note of the following when importing the Investoscope CSV file into StockMarketEye.

  • In step #2, in the import window, click on the “CSV Columns Format” dropdown and select “Investoscope 3”.
    Choose the Investoscope 3 CSV format when importing into StockMarketEye
  • In step #2, click on the “Advanced CSV Options” button and be sure that the separator is “Comma”. However if you have verified in the CSV file that the separator is a different character (such as a semi-colon), select that character in the Advanced CSV Options window.

When you have finished the import, your Investoscope portfolio has been migrated to a StockMarketEye portfolio. You’ll need to repeat the export/import steps above for each Investoscope portfolio that you want to have in StockMarketEye.

Where To Next?

StockMarketEye has a comprehensive User’s Guide to help you get to know how things work.

StockMarketEye User’s Guide

If our User’s Guide wasn’t enough and you need more help getting started with StockMarketEye, don’t hesitate to drop us a comment here. You can also contact us directly at our support email address:

Best of luck with your investments!

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4 Comments on “Investoscope Alternative”

  • Been an Investoscope user for some time and I’ve completed the migration pf my portfolios for StockMarketEye Trial Version without problems.
    One cool thing Investoscope had was the possibility to import end of day quotes from a .csv for those funds not tracked by google or yahoo.

    Very simple and It worked quite well.

  • Great! Thanks for choosing StockMarketEye.

    StockMarketEye can also import historical EOD quotes from a CSV file. Have a look at this page for more details:

    You might also be interested in this page about adding non-quoted items to a portfolio (i.e. securities that are not covered by Yahoo Finance or Google Finance):

  • The import from investoscope doesn’t seem to handle stock transfers at all. All my stocks that were transferred out still show in the portfolio and aren’t showing in transactions.

  • It sounds like those transactions are not in the CSV file generated by Investoscope. Can you verify that? You can always enter them manually later in StockMarketEye.

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