[Updated] Quote Issues Due To Changes At Yahoo Finance

Unfortunately, Yahoo Finance has decided to discontinue the main outlet that StockMarketEye and many other 3rd party financial apps use to get current stock quotes.

This change has primarily affected the fundamental quotes on the desktop application (v4), as well as all quotes in the iOS and Android versions of StockMarketEye. Desktop versions of StockMarketEye older than v4 (i.e. 3.3.14, 2.9.9, etc) are also not receiving any quotes.

The reasoning behind this change from Yahoo Finance is:

It has come to our attention that this service is being used in violation of the Yahoo Terms of Service. As such, the service is being discontinued. For all future markets and equities data research, please refer to finance.yahoo.com.

You can read this statement as well as many user’s comments on this abrupt service disruption on the Yahoo forum.

Implications for StockMarketEye

This obviously has a significant impact on StockMarketEye and countless other applications and investors that relied on Yahoo’s service.

Here at StockMarketEye, we are investigating alternative options. The most basic of these options will attempt to continue to use Yahoo Finance in some way to retrieve quote data. Other options we are investigating are alterntive sources of data, both free and paid.

Our hope is to find a viable, short-term solution to this issue. Looking farther down the road, our goal is to find a solution that will support the long-term viablity of StockMarketEye for the broadest range of investors as possible.

We will update this blog post or add new posts here when any new information becomes available.

We thank you for your patience and in the mean time, wish you continued success with your investments.


[Update – Nov 3] For those of you still using older versions (v3, v2) of the desktop app: Updates to address this issue will be added to the current version (v4) only. We will not be making any changes to the older desktop versions, sorry. See this page for more details on the upgrade process and pricing.

[Update – Nov 5] We’ve submitted an updated version of the iOS app to Apple. This version brings back the quotes, including fundamentals. It will be available for update on the App Store as soon as it passes the Apple review process – that should be the middle of next week if all goes well.

[Update – Nov 6] The updated iOS app is now available on the App Store.

[Update – Nov 11] We are in the final stages of finishing the update for the desktop app. Baring any last minute issues, we will be releasing it early next week. Sign-up to our newsletter to be notified of when it is available, or check back here.

[Update – Nov 13] We have just released StockMarketEye 4.2.0. This version fixes the fundamental quotes for both Yahoo and Google Finance ticker symbols. To update to this version, you will need to download and install a fresh copy from our website.

[Update – Dec 2] We have released an updated version of the Android app which fixes the quotes issues as well as the on-line sync issue. It should appear in the Google Play store today.

27 comments on “[Updated] Quote Issues Due To Changes At Yahoo Finance”

  1. J. Krajnak

    In my opinion it is a just and fair explanation regarding Yahoo Finance , therefor I would have no problem in a user fee of reasonable amount on year bases, I have a question and that is weather that apply to all versions of Stock Market Eye ?, John

  2. admin

    Yes, this issue affects all versions of StockMarketEye.

  3. D McShane

    I’ve experienced the quote issues on the current Android and iOS companion versions, but ‘desktop’ 4.1.6 on Mac and Windows appears to be functioning normally with up to date quote and day-gain info. I’m in the UK.

  4. Nick Pitfield


    Noticed the issue yesterday and again today – saw the blog news so it’s understood what has happened.

    I can understand the decision Yahoo have made given their financial situation these days – but this should have come with a warning and a decent notice period – and perhaps also a paid option to continue.

    They must have been aware of this situation for years though – cannot be they have no analytics for it nor be aware how/where the data was being used. Guess you can blame their new beancounters for this.

  5. admin

    Yes, v4 on the desktop works for current quotes, but fundamental data there is affected. The Android and iOS versions are affected for both current and fundamental quotes.

  6. Lois Sisk

    I am using v3.3.14. Will an update to the current version correct the issue of nothing updating? I have a mac – OS 10.12.6. Also, if I update to the current version, does everything come over automatically?

  7. admin

    Yes, everything will update in v4 except for the fundamental data – we are working on a fix for this now. Yes, everything comes over automatically from previous versions to the latest version. See this page for more details: https://www.stockmarketeye.com/stockmarketeye4-howto

  8. Chris Hutcheson

    For a number of quotes I went with the Google option rather than Yahoo. I gather fundamental info still came from Yahoo, would that be right? Anyway to get it from Google instead?

  9. Velo

    May I offer my view, which may or may not echo with others who don’t feel compelled to leave a comment.

    I am not keen on the potential for ‘mandatory’ additional data fees just to cure this problem – as the MAIN reasons I bought Stockmarket Eye still function despite the lack of fundamentals data. My portfolios are all correctly updated, charts, reports, etc., all function as do cash balances, profits (and losses).

    Yes, the fundamentals give an edge to Stockmarket Eye, but are not the reason I purchased it. It will be nice if efforts are made to secure data that replaces the missing fundamentals, but as I am getting all the info I need from the software, I would not welcome additional fees “just” to get fundamentals, because that’s all the additional fees would provide.

  10. admin

    If you use a Google Finance ticker symbol, the fundamental data will also come from Google Finance. Google’s fundamental data is also currently not working, unfortunately. We are working on a fix for both of them.

  11. admin

    Thanks for the feedback, Velo. It’s much appreciated.

  12. Vasileios

    any update about alternative (and more serious) ticker symbol providers (such us Morningstar & Bloomberg) and via ISIN maybe?
    You had mentioned you will be ready for this in late 2017.
    Thanks a lot.

  13. admin

    We are currently evaluating other data source alternatives, including ones like Morningstar, FinancialTimes or Bloomberg, but also paid options.

  14. Daniel

    Do you think we will have any news soon about the desktop v4 upgrade?

  15. admin

    We’re working on it and hope to have things ready in the next week or so.

    Thanks for your patience.

  16. Bill Mathis

    I’ve been futzing around with dividend and yield info for a week or so, not knowing the problem.

    I understand the Yahoo position. I’m willing to pay something to resume the complete quote info. I relied on it for lots of support via SME, and I am not aware of any alternative resource as comprehensive as SME.

    Hopefully, SME will find a solution.

  17. Gary Simon

    One of my other applications uses Quote Media – you might check with them (www.quotemedia.com) – has always been very reliable.

  18. Hugh Coulson

    I don’t believe in receiving a service for no cost if it’s a good service I am more than willing to pay a fee. Most free services go out of busines as did the last one I had for several years.
    Thank you

  19. Pedro

    First, thank you for the quick fix update, to clarify the note above: [Update – Nov 13]…. “To update to this version, you will need to download and install a fresh copy from our website”

    Does updating from the software will update the fix?

  20. admin

    When you update from within the software, it will display a message window telling you that to update you need to download and install a copy from the website. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do the in-app update for this version, so you have to download a full copy: https://www.stockmarketeye.com/download

  21. Kathleen

    I have been using an older version, StockMarketEye: 3.3.14. How do I go about getting access to the quotes? Do I need to buy the upgrade to 4.0, and then download the latest fix? Or is the latest fix now included in the 4 to which I upgrade?

  22. admin

    Hi Kathleen. Since you’re using an older version of StockMarketEye, you’ll need to follow the steps on the following page to purchase the upgrade to StockMarketEye v4.


    The latest release (v4.2) is part of the StockMarketEye 4 series, so the latest fixes are included.

  23. Hans

    Hey Guys,

    i´ve updated (fresh copy from your website) to 4.2 and then via in-app update to 4.2.1.
    But my portfolio chart is not shown correct.
    Same like before i updated.
    Any ideas on that?


    Kind regards

  24. admin

    If you’re upgrading from an older version (v3), you might want to try changing the option in the portfolio’s Properties window -> Portfolio tab -> “Calculate the Portfolio’s value chart using the strict method.”

    If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to email our support.

  25. D McShane

    Great work on the desktop, and getting the iOS companion version out so quickly! Any news on the Android version?
    Best Regards :o)

  26. admin

    We’re working on the Android version. I don’t have a time line for it yet, but it’s coming.

  27. Kathleen

    Thank you so much for doing such a great job! I have successfully upgraded and downloaded the newer version for my desktop (I was still using v3). Everything has worked smoothly so far, with my old data and the up-to-date stock prices. Thank you!

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