Quotes No Longer Available For Google Finance Ticker Symbols

StockMarketEye (v4.2.5) is no longer able to retrieve current quote data for Google Finance ticker symbols.

We suggest that you switch over your Google Finance ticker symbols to Yahoo Finance ticker symbols. Have a look at this page for how you can do that:

How to Change Ticker Symbols

If you have Google Finance ticker symbols which are not available on Yahoo Finance, you can still maintain them as manually updated symbols. Have a look at this page for how you can update their prices manually:

How to Override the Last Price

Common Ticker Symbol Conversions

Google Old Yahoo New

What Happened?

During the later part of 2017, Google updated and redesigned their financial news website. The old version of their financial news site, from which StockMarketEye took the quotes, was still available, however.

Over the last few days, Google has taken down the old financial news website. This has made it impossible for StockMarketEye to retrieve current quotes for Google Finance ticker symbols.

Is Any Data Available From Google Finance Now?

It is still possible to get end-of-day (EOD) and intra-day historical data for Google Finance ticker symbols. StockMarketEye uses this historical data to display the charts. The data comes from a different data source at Google, which is currently still available.

However, I suspect that Google will, at some unannounced date in the future, also remove this data source. But at the time of this blog post, it was still working.

What Is StockMarketEye Going To Do?

We’re still deciding…

Using the new Google Finance website to get data is unfortunately not possible. It doesn’t offer much in the way of data that is useful within StockMarketEye. There are also significant technical challenges to getting data out of the new site due to their “unique” redesign.

That means that fundamental data is definitively gone for Google Finance ticker symbols. Historical dividend and split data for Google Finance tickers is also no longer available.

However, it is possible that we could use the intra-day historical data to compute current-day quote data for Google Finance ticker symbols. This would be, essentially, just the open, high, low, last price, volume and previous close values.

Technically, this solution should work. Our concern is with its durability. The Google Finance historical data source currently still works, but as Google has removed most other ways of getting financial data, we don’t know how long this solution will last – it is almost certain that it too will stop working at some point in the future.

Paid Quotes?

Would you be willing to pay for quotes?

From our initial investigations at the end of last year, paid quotes are not cheap, do not cover a broad range of markets, and often limit the number of quotes you can receive per day.

If you would be willing to pay for quotes, let us know (either in the comments or at our support email) which markets/countries you trade in and what your think they should cost. We don’t have control over the pricing, but it will help us determine if we should pursue the paid pricing option.


We have released StockMarketEye 4.2.6 which maintains support for Google Finance ticker symbols from markets and security types that are not available on Yahoo Finance. Specifically, the new version will retrieve EOD (end-of-day) quotes for Canadian and other non-US mutual funds from Google Finance until such time as Google closes off that last entry point to the data.

22 comments on “Quotes No Longer Available For Google Finance Ticker Symbols”

  1. MN

    Clearly a big disaster. Like I’m sure many, I’ve come to rely on Stockmarketeye. And its functionality is far above others available. So I hope a solution can be found since Yahoo stock codes, although fine for the US, don’t always work well for UK and European stocks – particularly ETFs etc. and when it comes to charts. (The UK yield figures are also unfortunately always out by a factor of 100 due to the way UK prices are quoted).

    As I said though I hope a solution can be found and, although this might not appeal to all, for my part, paying a monthly premium for a new data feed, is something I would certainly consider assuming it wasn’t prohibitively expensive.

    I know this idea was talked about last time this problem surfaced and so thought to throw this out as a suggestion.

    Hoping for some good news soon.

  2. G. Fischer

    I would also pay a monthly subscription for a data feed. I don’t need live quotes but an affordable option for delayed quotes integrated into StockMarketEye would be great.

    This is an essential program for me.

  3. Craig h

    I also would be willing to pay a minimul fee for a data stream. I personally like live quotes, hence using google rather than the delayed quotes of yahoo, plus yahoo tend to be more erroneous for those of us in the uk from my experience. I think this again should be something to take into serious consideration. Switching and swapping all company’s tickers from google to yahoo is extremely time consuming and not something I wish to repeat again

  4. Anon

    As others, would be willing to pay a monthy subscription (up to £10/m).

    Bought SME just a couple of weeks ago. Love it.

    Very disappointed with Google Finance.

  5. J. Pirthauer

    I would also pay a monthly or annual subscription fee for a data feed. I do not need real-time data. Delayed data is o. k. Important are US, UK and other major european markets (in my case esp. Germany, but also France, Switzerland, Netherlands, ) for stocks, funds and ETF.

    I would gladly pay approx. 100 – 150 EUR p. a. for a reliable and stable data source.

    StockMarketEye is an essential software for my Mac and iPhone!

  6. Peter

    I’ve converted everything to Yahoo quotes for now. I’m now spoiled and will have to adjust to delayed quotes. I will live with that unless a paid solution has relatively complete coverage (USA) and is not too expensive. I probably wouldn’t go for it if it were over $10/month. Even that feels high, but I might do it. If Yahoo goes unavailable, I guess all bets would be off though.

  7. Al Kormos

    I would be willing to pay a small monthly fee for end of day quotes. Most of my holdings are CDN mutual funds and CDN stocks

  8. Daniel

    Hi, I am sorry to hear this about Google Finance. I am wondering if this change at Google Finance is affecting the availability of Canadian Mutual Fund pricing (which I understand is available ONLY from Google)…

    In terms of pricing, I am only interested in end of day current and historical pricing for Canadian equities (traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange), US Equities, and Canadian mutual funds. I would pay CAD$10 / month for this.

    I compare this situation to Quicken, which offers a subscription based service. Each year Quicken comes out with a new edition, and the edition provides quotes for the next 3 years. After 3 years no current quotes are available, and one must get a new subscription.

    What does Quicken use as its data source, and can StockMarketEye use the same source (and pay the same price?)

    Another thought is that since pricing information is global, maybe StockMarketEye should look outside the US for this information. Do data suppliers based in India, China, Hong Kong, or even Canada offer the necessary data at a lower price?

    Best of luck in figuring this out!


  9. admin

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure what Quicken uses for quotes, but they have more pricing power than we do so I have my doubts we could get the same pricing deal they have. But we are looking into other options.

  10. Clement

    Thanks for the updates and I have almost changed the stock quote source to Yahoo!. As for the paid service in the future, I would be willing to pay a monthly fee around 20~30 USD depending on :
    1. The package of the stock markets. Currently, I just need stock quotes from U.S. market.
    2. QoS on the realtime data.

  11. StockMarketEye BlogStockMarketEye 4.2.6 Released - StockMarketEye Blog

    […] release concentrates on improving the user experience in the aftermath of the Google Finance disruption. We’ve also fixed some bugs and added minor performance […]

  12. Nigel

    I would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for a data stream. Yahoo is not good for the UK, being mostly US centric. Whilst that is great for our friends in USA, it is not good for the many users in the UK, and google finance has been the saviour up until now. I’ve been requesting additional feeds to be incorporated since 2015, and it keeps breaking the application when something happens. Hopefully, this will be the final incentive required to get something new included so we can break the reliance on google/yahoo.

  13. alain

    I would not be willing to pay for a feed, since there are other working alternatives out there for a yearly $100 fee base, that have better graphic and stock market coverage (i am not US based or US centric).

  14. George Worch

    Willing to pay a reasonable fee for a reliable data feed. Yahoo and Google are totally unreliable.

  15. colin

    For UK users, or this one at least, something definitely needs to be done because, sadly, the current position is simply not fit for purpose.
    I do not need real time quotes from SME. What I do need is reliable end of day and historical prices for a broad range of instruments (mainly UK) and I would be willing to pay a small subscription for this to be integrated in SME.
    Yahoo historical prices for some fairly mainstream UK stocks are simply wrong, and so are worse than useless. Even now, Google closing prices and historical data seem to remain reliable, and if SME was simply to show the latest closing price from Google as the last prices, that would work for me for the moment.
    However, it has been obvious for some time that Google is gradually deprecating its financial feeds, so this is unlikely to continue to work in the longer term.
    I really hope that SME can come up a solution that works for UK users, because I really love its elegant simplicity for managing portfolios.
    At the moment I am reduced to importing all my historical data from ShareScope – a solution which works very well – and it is a relatively small step to moving my portfolio details to SS, obviating the need for SME, as much as I dislike the cloud based approach.

  16. Arthur

    I upgraded to new Stockeye because it provided live quotes. I can get live quotes on Yahoo Finance for free, have so for years. I’m in the US. Switching over to Yahoo symbols is not an issue for me.

    So I do not want to pay extra for live quotes. If you are using Yahoo quotes, which are free, that is fine for me.
    If other users are having problems with live quotes, then that should be their choice to purchase a quote service so I hope that this issue can be resolved amicably, not willing to pay for quotes.

  17. paul

    I’m not US-based. I also will not pay for a monthly subscription. I don’t wish to add yet another ‘monthly payment’ to my list of things to watch for or get deducted from an account.

    I will seek other options elsewhere if this does not work out. I guess this is what happens when the world relies on a single giant entity for data and they can pull out anytime, resulting in such huge domino effects on everyone else. Pity.

  18. admin

    We will see if we can add support for using Google’s end-of-day quotes for LON tickers in the next version. This won’t be a long-term solution, as they can pull the plug on the historical quotes at any time.

  19. Don Buckroyd

    I probably would not be will ing to pay for quotes. I can get these via various brokerage houses. The only thing I am not getting now that I would like to continue getting are quotes for half of my preferred stock holdings.
    These I can get from Vanguard but the advantage of with SME was everything was centrally located if I wanted to separate by asset classes.

  20. George Sculla

    I have a global portfolio across US, UK and Europe. I would be happy as a minimum to have last EoD stock prices for valuation purposes but if a paid service was available for delayed prices I would be interested. This could be an option for those that required it and allowing those in the US who do not need it to continue as before. My price limit would be to pay around £5 pm for delayed prices, especially if this allowed a link from within SME to other company financial information on an external site.

  21. admin

    We will be releasing a new version in the next few days that will use Google’s end-of-day quotes for LON ticker symbols. This won’t be a long-term solution, but as Google’s historical price data is still accessible, StockMarketEye will try to use it for markets where there is no or poor coverage by Yahoo Finance.

  22. Ian

    I’m a former Investoscope user thinking of moving to StockMarketEye but wanting to see this problem licked before putting down my cash. I currently use my brokers website combined with regular downloads of .csv files.
    It occurs to me that most users will have access to online quotes through their own broker particularly if they have a self directed account. These may be either 20 minutes delayed or actual depending on their account.
    Is their anyway your app can be configured to tap into this “free” information? While different institutions will no doubt have different ways of doing this I would expect .csv is probably the most common and a good place to start.

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