Quotes No Longer Available For Google Finance Ticker Symbols

StockMarketEye (v4.2.5) is no longer able to retrieve current quote data for Google Finance ticker symbols.

We suggest that you switch over your Google Finance ticker symbols to Yahoo Finance ticker symbols. Have a look at this page for how you can do that:

How to Change Ticker Symbols

If you have Google Finance ticker symbols which are not available on Yahoo Finance, you can still maintain them as manually updated symbols. Have a look at this page for how you can update their prices manually:

How to Override the Last Price

Common Ticker Symbol Conversions

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What Happened?

During the later part of 2017, Google updated and redesigned their financial news website. The old version of their financial news site, from which StockMarketEye took the quotes, was still available, however.

Over the last few days, Google has taken down the old financial news website. This has made it impossible for StockMarketEye to retrieve current quotes for Google Finance ticker symbols.

Is Any Data Available From Google Finance Now?

It is still possible to get end-of-day (EOD) and intra-day historical data for Google Finance ticker symbols. StockMarketEye uses this historical data to display the charts. The data comes from a different data source at Google, which is currently still available.

However, I suspect that Google will, at some unannounced date in the future, also remove this data source. But at the time of this blog post, it was still working.

What Is StockMarketEye Going To Do?

We’re still deciding…

Using the new Google Finance website to get data is unfortunately not possible. It doesn’t offer much in the way of data that is useful within StockMarketEye. There are also significant technical challenges to getting data out of the new site due to their “unique” redesign.

That means that fundamental data is definitively gone for Google Finance ticker symbols. Historical dividend and split data for Google Finance tickers is also no longer available.

However, it is possible that we could use the intra-day historical data to compute current-day quote data for Google Finance ticker symbols. This would be, essentially, just the open, high, low, last price, volume and previous close values.

Technically, this solution should work. Our concern is with its durability. The Google Finance historical data source currently still works, but as Google has removed most other ways of getting financial data, we don’t know how long this solution will last – it is almost certain that it too will stop working at some point in the future.

Paid Quotes?

Would you be willing to pay for quotes?

From our initial investigations at the end of last year, paid quotes are not cheap, do not cover a broad range of markets, and often limit the number of quotes you can receive per day.

If you would be willing to pay for quotes, let us know (either in the comments or at our support email) which markets/countries you trade in and what your think they should cost. We don’t have control over the pricing, but it will help us determine if we should pursue the paid pricing option.


We have released StockMarketEye 4.2.6 which maintains support for Google Finance ticker symbols from markets and security types that are not available on Yahoo Finance. Specifically, the new version will retrieve EOD (end-of-day) quotes for Canadian and other non-US mutual funds from Google Finance until such time as Google closes off that last entry point to the data.