Share Market Software

Some people make vast fortunes investing in the markets. Others are hesitant to invest at all due to their lack of knowledge of the markets. However, share market software can increase your chances of success whether you’re trading on the stock markets in the US and Canada, or the share markets in Australia and India.

What is Share Market Software?

Successful traders are those who buy or sell the right investment at the right time. Share market software provides the current information needed to make informed decisions. However, there is no guarantee that the projected outcomes will always happen. Future outcomes are dependent on the variables used to predict them.

Although some differences exist, most share market software provides the following:

  • Investment Monitoring

    All of your investments are displayed in one place so that you can easily see the current status of each investment. In addition, charts display the changes in your portfolio. Visual images make data easy to compare and understand.

    Typically, the software will allow you to import your data from investment files (QIF, OFX/QFX, CSV) or enter your holdings manually. This allows you to get started quickly, getting to the important tasks of interpreting and analyzing your investments.

    You may even enjoy practicing investing with fantasy money and holdings. Whether you use fantasy investments or track your actual holdings, share market software will help you make informed decisions.

  • Analyze Current Holdings

    Share market software performs analysis for you in various reports such as those for gains & losses, as well as over-time performance measures. Ratios are computed and explained so that you can easily understand the significance of the ratios being applied to your investments.

    You may generate reports for varying time periods in order to see the effects of previous decisions. You may also discover some strengths and weaknesses in your making decisions.

  • Research Potential Investments

    By creating watchlists, you can track potential investments around the world. You can track share prices, mutual funds, ETFs and currencies from Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, UK, India and most other major markets.

    You can create criteria to fit your needs for the best investments. You can change, arrange and sort data for your specific needs, even modifing prices to test future conditions.

Where Can You Learn More about Investing?

These sites are helpful for finding investment and trading information.

For specialized share market software, tools such as StockMarketEye can help you analyze what you read about on websites and find the best investment ideas, while also helping monitor your fantasy or actual investments.

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