StockMarketEye 3 Now Available

Posted on Monday, Jan. 14th 2013

We are proud to announce the release of StockMarketEye 3 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux!

This is a major update of the StockMarketEye software that includes new and enhanced features that will help you better manage your investments and stay on top of the markets.

Can’t wait to get started? Get the update here!

What’s New In StockMarketEye 3?

Major New Features

  • Brokerage Import – you can now import your brokerage account data directly from select brokerages including Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, E*Trade, Vanguard and more. This new feature, we believe, will be extremely useful for current and new users of StockMarketEye.
  • Reports View – this new feature includes a transactions report, a gain/loss report and a back-in-time report. But it also has room to grow and will include additional types of reports in the future.
  • Portfolio Data Entry Windows – the way you record buys/sells and other transactions has been streamlined. The data entry windows have been redesigned to make it easier to enter transactions, whether they are buys/sells, dividends, splits or cash transactions.
  • Watchlist Enhancements – the watchlists have also been improved to support the selection of multiple items at once. You can perform actions on multiple items at once, such as move/copy them to another watchlist or delete them. There is also a new “bulk add” feature which makes it super quick and easy to add multiple symbols at once.
  • Under the Hood – StockMarketEye 3 has been reengineered to start faster and uses less memory. You’ll also notice significant speedups for features such as importing portfolios and watchlists. These under the hood changes give StockMarketEye more room to grow and to make future enhancements.

Other New Features

  • OFX/QFX Import – Import your investment data from OFX/QFX files.
  • Move/Copy/Transfer your Portfolio holdings and transactions easily to other Portfolios.
  • Redesigned “Print to PDF” now also provides a choice of paper sizes, including Letter and A4.
  • Open the selected symbol’s page at Yahoo Finance or Google Finance in your browser using the StockMarketEye menu or keyboard shortcut.
  • Fees may now be recorded on a portfolio level as well as in a transaction.
  • The current “Last” price is now included in the stock charts, as well as in the portfolio charts.
  • Charts can now show “% Change” on the Y-Axis instead of “Price”.
  • Added the technical indicator, Full Stochastics.
  • And many more small improvements and enhancements.

Pricing and Licensing

Since we first started selling StockMarketEye at $39.95 over 2 years ago, we have added many new features. Those features were made available for free to all users, yet the price remained the same during that time. With StockMarketEye 3, we have added significant new features that enhance and improve the capabilities of our software.

As StockMarketEye is a very different application today than it was over 2 years ago, we have decided to increase our price to $59.95 for a new license.

However anyone who has previously purchased an earlier version of StockMarketEye for $39.95 (or less) can buy the upgrade to StockMarketEye 3 for only $20.

Note, however, that you do not have to upgrade to StockMarketEye 3. You can continue to use the previous version of StockMarketEye without paying any additional amount. If you have already installed and tried StockMarketEye 3, but have decided not to upgrade at this time, please see the section at the bottom of this page for how you can go back to using the previous version.

So get started with StockMarketEye 3 now!

Users who purchase or upgrade to StockMarketEye 3 for personal use may use it on different computers (at home and/or at work), provided that multiple instances of the software will not be used at the same time. For businesses, a license must be purchased for each employee that will be using StockMarketEye. Please see our FAQ for more licensing details.

Thank You

And last, but not least, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our beta testers for working with us to make StockMarketEye such great software. Thank you all!

Now get the upgrade!

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Problems? Contact Our Support Team

Don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any technical assistance you might need or with any problems that arise when using our new version.

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27 Comments on “StockMarketEye 3 Now Available”

  • The right click function on a position is a great improvement. The new look and selection features for distributions,purchase,etc. is a great upgrade. The reports selection is Awesome! The ability to focus on One investment is a great new feature(good job).

    The new look of the details page is great. The problems I’ve seen can be fixed (Slow to load, Column display selection).

    As a long time user, overall I like the upgrade.


  • how many MB is the upgrade? I have wireless plan with limited monthly (5 GB) data download useage.

  • The new version can be slow to load the first time you run it as we need to update the data files to support the new features of this release, and that can take a few moments.

    Column display options are accessible by right-clicking (ctrl-click on Mac) on the header of the table you want to change.

  • The download for the Mac version is about 10MB and Windows version is 26MB.

  • Nice update. Especially the profit/loss view works quite well.

  • Great upgrade! Super fast now and great new features like copy or move to, link to news in browser.


  • The download page says “The free trial period lasts 30 days, after which you can purchase a license to continue using StockMarketEye.” But after the program is installed, the pop-up windown says 7-days. One or the other needs to be fixed.

    Data loads a lot faster than the older version(s).

    Also, if you change a comment under “stock details,” it appears all the comments for that stock change. Why would you do that?

    Finally, the preference section doesn’t open a window that’s large enough to read all the content so I have to make it bigger every time I use it. You can’t put scroll bars on it or make it bigger?

    Found something else. Did we lose the ability to change all columns in this upgrade?

    The program is much faster, looks almost exactly the same and has a few nice features.

  • $20 for an upgrade to this new version is to much. I understand that you raise your price for new users, but for existing users who supported you and helped you grow you should offer a lower upgrade price or a special for a limited time, like $9.99 until the end of February…

  • Backup before updating, I did not and then could not access one portfolio and one watchlist. Reinstalled previous version on top access now possible. Backup’d data. Reinstalled Ver3 as separate app but still could not access the same portfolio and watchlist. This is a great program but I will stay with the previous version for the moment

  • @Chris, First off, let me thank you for your support in purchasing StockMarketEye in the past.

    StockMarketEye 3 is more than a simple update with just a handful of features. It may look and feel familiar to users of our previous versions, but it has many new features and enhancements that make it stand head-and-shoulders above the old versions. It is truely a new application and one that we feel warrents a higher price tag than its less capable predecessor.

    It takes a lot of resources (development time, hosting costs, support costs, design costs, etc) to build an application like StockMarketEye. We have been working on this new version, StockMarketEye 3, for almost a full year now, and all the while maintaining and improving the released version through free updates for all of our users (the last time we raised our price was over 2 years ago, and this is the first paid upgrade we have ever had).

    As a small, independent sotware developer we rely on the support of our users to help us continue to make great software. We don’t have the luxury of an Apple or Microsoft who can sell to millions of users, taking advantage of economies of scale to achive ultra low pricing. Our upgrade pricing of $20 is not meant as a way to squeeze as much profit out of our users as possible, but rather as a way of ensuring that we have the resources to continue to provide updates and improvemens to the software.

    We do hope that you will choose to upgrade to StockMarketEye 3. However, upgrading is not mandatory. You can continue to use our previous versions as long as you like, without upgrading. In the future, if you do decide that you need the new features that we now have available, such as brokerage import or reports, you’ll still be able to upgrade to StockMarketEye 3 then.

  • @zzpat If you are a new user who has never tried StockMarketEye before, the free trial period is 30 days from when you start StockMarketEye for the first time. If you have used our previous version before, but have not yet purchased, when you try the new StockMarketEye 3 version, we automatically extend you trial period by 7 days. If you have previously purchased StockMarketEye, you can try the new StockMarketEye 3 for 7 days before needing to purchase the upgrade. If you decide that you don’t want to purchase the upgrade, you can go back to using the previous version.

    Regarding comments in the stock details: if you have a multi-lot holding, setting the comment on that multi-lot holding will set that same comment on all of the sub-lots of that holding. If you want to set the comments on a specific individual lot, you need to open the “Stock Details” window for the individual lot.

    Regarding Preferences: We tried to make the window big enough for everyone, but it sounds like it needs to be still bigger. Please send our support team an email with a description of your system (windows/mac, etc) so we can improve this.

    Regarding column configuration: No, the ability to configure the columns is still there. However, we removed one of the access points (from the Preferences window, as there are more tables to configure in this version and they didn’t all fit there). You can still configure the columns by right-clicking (ctrl-click on Mac) on the table’s header and selecting “Configure Columns” from the popup menu. This works for any table you see in StockMarketEye.

  • @bas Sorry for the problems you’re having with the new version. It would be great if you could email our support team with the specifics of your system and a description of the problem so we can look into fixing this issue. Thanks.

  • My first thoughts on the upgrade – not a great deal of difference for me. I can see the import of broker data will be important for some users – but I wouldn’t be using this feature . The right click to the ticker webpage is great however the main reason I upgraded is for the future and the extra reporting that is hopefully on its way.
    My main ask is for a variable start date within the charts -rather than the fixed options . There is also a small chart bug – buy / watch price could previously be displayed even with y-axis as % . This no longer works.

  • I can’t get the Dividend Pay Date and ExDiv Date columns to sort. All the other columns do, without a problem. Tried several different things (reboots, reloads, etc). Still not working. Other than that, good upgrade. I use StockMarket Eye every day. Really would like to have the Div Pay Date and ExDiv columns sort again like they did in version 2. Thanks!

  • @Geoff Yes, we are planning on adding other reports in the new Reports section in the coming versions. Variable start/end dates for the charts is also a feature near the top of our to-do list.

    Regarding the buy price/watch start in the chart with y-axis as %: Yes, that seems to be a bug. We’ll see about fixing that in our next version.

  • @Michael, Sorry, that’s an oversight on our part. We’ll have it fixed in the next version.

  • When I load a chart to do comparison, I can’t get the chart reset to show just the price performance of the stock or portfolio. I have tried resetting the axis, style, etc and reloading chart data, no luck. I’ve tried entering null info in the comparison pop-up. No change. How do you reset the charts and change the comparisons? I can’t find any info in the user’s handbook for this.

  • To remove the comparison symbol from the chart, in the upper-left side of the chart area, click on the small red-X that is just to the left of the comparison symbol. The same works for removing technical indicators you’ve added to the chart.

  • The Brokerage Import features sound good.

    Are they known to work with the UK branch of TD?


  • Unfortunately, they are known to not work with TD UK. If TD UK starts supporting the “Direct Connect” feature in the future, we will definitely include them.

    You can, however, import OFX/QFX or QIF files, which you may be able to download from your TD UK account.

  • Concerning the Brokerage Import from the UK Branch of TD: thank you for your insight.

    Haven’t managed to find any export on their system … yet!

    Contemplating writing a tool to scalp the contract note PDFs. A bit non-trivial but that is life.

  • In the new version, is it possible to have the StockMarketEye database reside on a NAS?

    Would be helpful as I would like to access it from my 2 PC’s (desktop and laptop) in my house.

  • Yes, it is. See this page for details and contact our support team if you have any questions or problems getting it setup.

    One short recommendation: before trying this, make a backup of your StockMarketEye data using the menu: File -> Back up…

  • I can’t find EPS estimate for current quarter at available columns. It does have EPS estimate(next quarter)(current year)(next year). Would you able to add It in the future?

  • The EPS estimate columns are available by configuring the columns. See this page for how to configure the columns. Note that values for these columns might not be available for all stocks. The columns are called “EPS Estimate Current Year”, “EPS Estimate Next Year”, “EPS Estimate Next Quarter”. They are about 1/3 of the way down the list in the column configuration window and can be added to the Prices/Fundamentals view of any Watchlist or Portfolio.

  • Thank you for your reply. This is Ken again. You probably didn’t understand my question because of my bad English. Here is the question again. When you go to yahoo finance and enter symbol “c” for citigroup,inc . Click “Analyst estimates” at the left. In the middle of page you will see EPS TRENDS . It have four column which say “current qtr sep 13” “next qtr dec 13” “current year dec 13” “next year dec 14”. IN stockmarketeye. I can only choose the last three selections which is next qtr, current year, and next year. so my question is. Are you able to add the “current qtr sep 13” column to stockmarketeye in the future. thank you

  • Ok, I see. Sorry I didn’t understand your original question. StockMarketEye gets the “EPS Estimate” columns from a different source than the page you mentioned on the Yahoo site. Unfortunately, our source (which is also Yahoo, but a different place) does not have this detailed EPS information so we currently can not add it easily. We’ll consider switching our Yahoo source at some time in the future, or perhaps augmenting the current source with the additional source.

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