StockMarketEye 4.1.4 Released

Posted on Thursday, Sep. 14th 2017

We are proud to announce the release of StockMarketEye 4.1.4 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The focus of this release is continued stabilization after the recent changes at Google Finance.

As mentioned in our previous blog post and our last release (4.1.3), Google Finance has made changes to their service which have affected StockMarketEye.

This release continues to make adjustments based on the previous changes and newly discovered changes at Google Finance. We hope that things are more settled now at Google Finance and that is the last time we’ll need to do emergency alterations. But there is no guarantee as we unfortunately have no control or influence at Google Finance.

Suggests For A Better Experience With Google Finance Ticker Symbols

The changes we’ve made to StockMarketEye over the last 2 releases help mitigate the changes at Google Finance and should allow you to continue to use Google Finance ticker symbols in StockMarketEye. However, there may be some circumstances where you will continue to have issues. For example, you’re more likely to have issues if you have many Google Finance ticker symbols and/or StockMarketEye is loading quotes for those symbols at a high frequency and/or you also have the automatic historical quote loading enabled (as it is by default).

General Recommendation

We recommend that you use Yahoo Finance ticker symbols unless the security you’re interested in is not covered by Yahoo. It’s not always possible to use Yahoo Finance ticker symbols as Yahoo doesn’t cover some types of securities (such as Canadian mutual funds). However, their coverage is generally very good.

Google Finance’s quotes are real-time while Yahoo’s are delayed (15-20 minutes). In our opinion, the value of Google’s real-time quotes has diminished since their recent change due to the significantly slower download method. Although the quotes still are real-time, there is now more delay before you see them due to nature of the new way of downloading. In any case, we always recommend verifying prices at your brokerage before placing actual trades.

Specific Recommendations For Working With Google Finance Ticker Symbols

Thanks to the valuable feedback from our dedicated users and from our own analysis, we have the following recommendations which can help avoid issues with StockMarketEye not loading quotes or charts for Google Finance ticker symbols.

If you don’t notice any problems (for example, if you use Yahoo Finance ticker symbols exclusively or have only a handful of Google Finance ticker in your Watchlists and Portfolios), then there’s no need to make any changes.

However, if you do continue to have issues with getting quotes or charts for Google Finance ticker symbols, we recommend you do 1 or more of the following:

#1 – Switch the quote retrieval mode in all of your Watchlists and Portfolios to “On Demand”

The “On Demand” setting means that you have to click on the “Get Quotes” button in each Watchlist or Portfolio to have StockMarketEye download the current quotes for the items in that list.

By default, the quote retrieval mode is set to “Streaming” at 5 minute intervals. However, the “Streaming” mode can cause too much traffic to Google’s site, which may cause temporary lockouts. The quote retrieval mode can be changed in the Watchlist or Portfolio’s “Properties” window in the “Live Quotes” tab.

To facilitate this change, we’ve added a button “Switch to On-Demand” in the Preferences -> Advanced tab. This button will switch all of the Watchlists and Portfolios over to “On Demand” mode for you. You will have to restart StockMarketEye for the change to take affect, however.

#2 – Turn off automatic historical price data downloads at startup

Shortly after StockMarketEye starts, it will download any new historical quotes for all of your ticker symbols. If you have a lot of ticker symbols, this action, combined with the “Streaming” current quote retrieval mode, can cause too much traffic to Google’s site, leading to temporary lockouts.

You can disable the automatic update of historical price data in the Preferences -> Advanced tab. Uncheck the “Update historical price data for all symbols at startup.” option. StockMarketEye will still download the historical quotes when it needs them for the charts. However, you may want to use the “Update All Symbols Now” button (also on the same Advanced tab) once a day in order to ensure that you have the most recent historical quotes in your StockMarketEye data files, as StockMarketEye uses them for certain calculations, columns and reports.

What’s New In StockMarketEye 4.1.4

  • Stability improvements for previous Google Finance change.
  • Update to all Google Finance services used by StockMarketEye based on further changes since the last release.
  • Added buttons in the Preferences -> Advanced tab for switching the Live Quote retrieval mode for all Watchlists and Portfolios at once.
  • Fix for “Shares Outstanding” column values when no value can be computed.
  • Improved experience for expired trial license users.

This is a free update for anyone already using StockMarketEye 4. If you are using StockMarketEye 4, we highly recommend that you update to the new version.

Haven’t yet upgraded to StockMarketEye 4? What better time than now!

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5 Comments on “StockMarketEye 4.1.4 Released”

  • Thanks for the update. Any thoughts on paid live quotes from exchanges? I would be willing to pay to have live feeds directly from other sources.

  • I’m sure you don’t need this new hassle in your life, but once again Thank You for staying on top of it to support your clients.

  • Paid live quotes are something we’re looking into. We’d definitely keep the current Yahoo Finance and Google Finance quotes around, but adding an optional, paid quote service would make sense to help avoid the type of issues we had with Google Finance. Unfortunately, it would not be a super simple addition (from both a technical and business perspective), so would take some time to get it done. Right now we’re exploring the options available and looking for solutions that would cover the largest number of securities for major markets.

  • Does the tool work for UK based investors?

  • Yes, it does. Have a look at this page for getting setup as a UK user:

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