StockMarketEye for iOS v1.3.5 Released

We’ve released StockMarketEye for iOS v1.3.5. This is a compatibility and stability update of our investment tracking app for Apple iOS devices (iPhone + iPad).

What’s New in StockMarketEye for iPhone v1.3.5?

  • Show overridden Last price values from the desktop app. The price will have an asterisk in front of it, like on the desktop.
  • Options to disable showing decimal places.
  • Sort-by-symbol not overridden by on-line sync.
  • Fix for buy price value for multi-lot holdings.
  • Fixes for ticker symbols from the Spanish exchange.
  • Fixes for options ticker symbols.
  • Fixes for changes to data encoding from Yahoo.
  • Update iOS compatibility.
  • Minor performance improvements.

If you already have StockMarketEye for iOS, you’ll get the update automatically from the App store.

If you don’t yet have our investment tracking app for iOS, you can purchase it in the App store for only $2.

The StockMarketEye for iOS is compatible with our desktop investment management software, StockMarketEye. The desktop investment tracker works on Mac, Windows and Linux. Download the latest version of StockMarketEye and try it out free for 30 days!