StockMarketEye on Mac OS X Lion

Posted on Thursday, Aug. 4th 2011

Apple has released the latest version of their Mac OS X operating system. Code named “Lion”, Mac OS X 10.7 is the successor to Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” and is promoted by Apple as “the world’s most advanced operating system“.

As many of our users will be updating to Lion in the near future and as all newly purchased Mac computers will come with Lion pre-installed, we’ve put together a few tips on using StockMarketEye on Mac OS X Lion.


All of the current features of StockMarketEye are available under Mac OS X Lion.

We do not currently support some of the new Mac OS X Lion features, such as full screen mode, in StockMarketEye. However, we are planning on adding such features in the future, as time permits.

Java Installation

Mac OS X Lion does not come with Java pre-installed, as was the case in all previous versions of Mac OS X.

It will, however, be installed the first time you run StockMarketEye on Mac OS X Lion. Here’s how the installation works.

  1. Start StockMarketEye as you normally would (double-click the App in the Applications folder or click on its icon in the Dock).
  2. You will then be presented with the following window. Click on the “Install” button to continue.
  3. Mac OS X will search for the approriate Java version.
  4. Once found, Mac OS X will download the Java version to your computer.
  5. It will then install Java.
  6. After Java has been installed, click on the “OK” button and StockMarketEye will start automatically. If for some reason, StockMarketEye does not start automatically, you can start it yourself as you did in step #1 above.

If you have any questions or problems on getting StockMarketEye to run on Mac OS X Lion, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Download StockMarketEye for Mac OS X here!

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