Upgrading to version 2.5.0 for Windows Users

Upgrading to StockMarketEye version 2.5.0 on Windows requires a few extra steps so we thought we’d outline them here and give a little explanation.

First Uninstall, Then Install

Short Description: The upgrade process is:

  1. Uninstall the old version of StockMarketEye
  2. Install the new version

If you see this window, StockMarketEye has found that an old version is still installed on your computer. In order to proceed with the installation of the new version of StockMarketEye, you will have to uninstall the previous version first.

Important #1: Uninstalling the previous version of StockMarketEye will not remove your data. All portfolios and watchlists that you had before will be available after.

Important #2: Make sure that you have quit StockMarketEye, before starting to uninstall it.

You can find uninstallation instructions here or click on the “OK” button in the window to open them in your browser.

Some users have reported that even after uninstalling, StockMarketEye will tell them that they still have a previous version installed. If this happens to you, look in your C:\Program Files folder to see if a StockMarketEye folder is still there. If this folder is still there, you should delete it (#3 in image below).

Once the StockMarketEye folder in C:\Program Files is gone, you can start the installation of the new version of StockMarketEye.

Why Do We Need To Uninstall First?

We know that upgrading to new versions of StockMarketEye has been difficult for some users. We also want all of your users to run the latest-and-greatest version of StockMarketEye so they can take advantage of all the new features.

So we have simplified the upgrade process for future versions of StockMarketEye. When the next version of StockMarketEye is released, you will only need to click 1 button. StockMarketEye will download and install the new version for you without any intervention on your part. However, in order for this new upgrade process to work, the old version of StockMarketEye needs to be manually uninstalled.

Basically, we decided to make the upgrade process a bit more difficult this time, in order to make the process much simpler in the future.

If you have any questions or problems with the upgrade, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We’d be happy to help work you through the upgrade process.