Charting Software

Visualize market movement and
gain perspective on your investments.

SME Charting Software

Visualize a Stock’s Story

A chart tells a stock’s story. Visualize that story quickly with dynamic price charts.

Quickly switch between charts for different stocks to help you gain perspective on market movement.

Read the story the way you feel most comfortable — Line Charts, Mountain Charts, Candlestick Charts and OHLC Charts.

Get More Perspective

Get the right perspective on the stocks you follow by visualizing their past performance.

  • EOD (End-of-Date) charts for the longer term perspective.
  • 1 & 5 day intra-day charts for the short term perspective.
  • Standard pre-set date ranges and custom range.
  • Chart scrolling using the mouse.
  • Price or %-Change on the Y-axis.
SME Charting Software Graph

World Stock Markets

StockMarketEye can show stock charts for securities that trade on most major world exchanges.

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Euro markets (Spain, Germany, France, etc)
  • Asian markets (Japan, China, Singapore, etc)
  • and more…
SME Charting Software World Stock Markets

Chart and examine your investments’ performances with a variety of customizable tools

  • Chart the market value of your portfolio and compare to any benchmark.
  • Dynamic and adjustable charts describe your past gains & losses, buys, sells, dividends, splits and more.
  • Comparison charting to weigh the pros and cons of your stocks, bonds, options, dividends, and more.
  • Professional level graphs and tables monitor your daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly gains and losses for each portfolio.
  • Customized alerts notify you if a stock or other investment goes over or under a set price.
  • A large selection of columns in the folder window can display a broad range of financial data
  • Transaction reports manage contributions to individual accounts.
  • Back-in-Time report presents what your portfolio looked like in the past.
SME Charting Software Investment Performances

Organize your financial assets and accounts

SME Charting Software Organize Financial Assets

Carefully investigate new possibilities

  • Research stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more by looking them up in the symbol search and assigning them to watchlists.
  • Grow your watchlists over time while you research, adding or removing assets to safely test the potential of a stock or other asset.
  • Shape a variety of watchlists according to different investment strategies, such as mixing long term and short term investments, selecting based on an investments growth momentum, or indexing.
  • Investigate and track stocks, funds, and currencies from around the world
  • Designate which investments you consider overweight, underweight, or of equal weight and use that information to choose your next trade sensibly.
SME Charting Software Investigate New Opportunities
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