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Easily Compare and Analyze Historical Stock Performance

With StockMarketEye, you can quickly examine and understand how a stock has performed in the past, giving you an advantage in the market.

Stay steps ahead and get the most out of your investment using our reliable and secure stock chart comparison tool.

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Visually Analyze Performance

When it comes to evaluating the historical performance of a stock, charts provide visual feedback.

By looking at a chart, you can quickly review past performance, identify trends, and anticipate future movements.

With StockMarketEye, you can view the performance of individual stocks and do side-by-side comparisons, putting the performance of one stock in the context of another.

Use any symbol as your comparison benchmark, an index, an ETF that mirrors an index, or any other you want to compare to.

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Get Perspective on Your Portfolio’s Growth

Access your portfolios’ historical value charts to visually examine their growth over time and clearly understand their trajectory.

Add a comparison symbol representing another stock or index to enhance your analysis further.

This will allow you to put your portfolios’ growth into perspective for a more in-depth evaluation of their performance in relation to the broader market or specific benchmarks.

Comparing Multiple Stocks in StockMarketEye View

Add Comparison Stock Symbols To A Chart

Improve your analysis by adding comparison stock symbols to a chart, helping you simultaneously view multiple stocks and gain a deeper understanding of their performance in the stock market.

  1. Download StockMarketEye if you haven’t. You get 14 days free on us.
  2. Select your desired stock to use as a benchmark from the watchlist or your imported portfolio.
  3. Click on the ‘Compare to…˅‘ button above the chart.
  4. Enter the stock you want to compare in the ‘Symbol‘ box. Either hit Enter or click on ‘Go.’
  5. You can also select from the indexes listed in the dropdown, and they will be added automatically.
  6. The symbol’s chart will then be reflected, and you’ll be able to make comparisons.
  7. To remove a stock, all you need to do is hit the ❌.

Bonus: You can compare more than two stock charts, simply select the ones you wish, and they will all reflect accordingly.

It’s that simple to add stock symbols and make comparisons!

Maximize Your Investment Insights by Comparing Charts with StockMarketEye!

StockMarketEye’s comparison charts provide a powerful and user-friendly way for investors to see how securities have performed historically, analyze their portfolio’s growth, and make the right investment choices.

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