Customized Portfolio Tracking

StockMarketEye’s customization features let you efficiently track your holdings and focus on the values that are important to you.

Customized Portfolio Tracking View

Custom Column Configurations

Each table in StockMarketEye shows a default set of columns that provide you with the basic information you need.

To get more out of each view and see the values that are important to you, you can add and remove columns as well as order them to your needs.

StockMarketEye provides a wide range of columns for each type of table – there are general columns that are found in almost all tables (such as “Symbol”) and other columns that are specific for the particular view or report.

This flexibility allows you to setup your tables to track the values that are important to you. For example, if you’re tracking a dividend portfolio, you can setup that portfolio with columns such as “Dividend”, “Yield”, “Fwd Div”, “Fwd Yield”, “YOC”, etc.

Learn how to configure the columns in our User’s Guide:

Configuring Columns – StockMarketEye User’s Guide

Improved Columns Configuration View

Editing columns

Many columns are editable, just like in a spread sheet.

Some columns, such as the “Last” column, can be edited in this way to override the current value.

Other columns can be edited to modify the value, such as the “BuyPrice” column in a portfolio’s Prices view.

StockMarketEye has a number of special columns that help you categorize and better track your holdings.

  • 🙂 – The Smiley column has over 20 icons to choose from, so you can better recognize or categorize the item.
  • Sector/Industry – The Sector and Industry columns are prefilled, but editable.
  • Target – Your target price for the stock.
  • Many more…

You can see the full list of columns available in each view in the “Configuring Columns” section on this page from the User’s Guide:

Available Columns – StockMarketEye User’s Guide

StockMarketEye Private Fund Tracking Customize Category

Groups and Categories

Portfolio Groups and Categories are a powerful combination that allow you to decide how best to manage and track your multiple investments.

You can customize how you track your portfolios and holdings by using Portfolio Groups and Categories.

Portfolio Groups bring together any number of portfolios or other groups into one.

Within a portfolio group, you can see totals of the portfolios contained in the group, as well as a virtual, combined portfolio of all the holdings from the contained portfolios.

Reports are also available within the portfolio group and work on the combined transactions of all contained portfolios.

Learn more about Portfolio Groups in our User’s Guide:

Using Portfolio Groups – StockMarketEye User’s Guide

Managing Portfolio Groups – StockMarketEye User’s Guide

Investment categories allow you to group individual holdings together within a portfolio (Prices/Fundamentals views).

For each Category, the totals of the holdings it contains are shown.

You can use categories within a normal portfolio, as well as within a Portfolio Group’s virtual, combined portfolio.

Learn more about Categories in our User’s Guide:

Investment Categories – StockMarketEye User’s Guide

Customize Groups and Categories in StockMarketEye View