Dividend Portfolio Tracking

Plan for the future by getting the complete picture of how much income your portfolio generates.

Track Your Portfolio's Income

Being able to live off of your portfolio's dividend income is a dream many retirement aged or pre-retirement aged individuals have.

But it takes careful planning and choosing the right investments.

StockMarketEye helps you both plan for the future as well as find the right investments.

You can analyse stocks, comparing their current yields and payout ratios.

Or view the stock in the chart to see when the last dividends were payed out and how much they were.

But don't stop at individual holdings. You can also see totals for the whole portfolio so you know if you money is working as hard as it should.

Analyse and Plan Using Dividend Data

StockMarketEye provides a number of specialized columns to help you better analyse and plan out your dividend portfolio.

You can track relevant data for individual securities such as dividend amount, yield percentage, forward dividend amount, forward yield percentage, and payout ratio.

Also available are data on income generated by individual investments and your portfolio, such as Yield On Cost, YTD Income or 1Y Income.

You can add these columns to your portfolio to turn it into a true dividend portfolio tracker:

  • Dividend
  • Yield
  • Payout Ratio
  • Forward Div
  • Forward Yield
  • Forward Payout Ratio
  • YOC
  • BuyValueYield
  • YearlyDivValue
  • YTD Income
  • 1Y Income
  • Total Income

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