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Monitor global markets, track unlimited portfolios, and receive in-time stock alerts directly on your computer.

For investors on the move, you can get the power of StockMarketEye in your pocket with our mobile companion app for iOS or Android devices.

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Mobile Companion App – Tracking Power in Your Pocket

Stock Market Eye Mobile

Get your portfolio tracking and data insights straight on your phone!

You can find and download the StockMarketEye companion app for your Android and iOS devices.

*It is a companion app; it will require installing the desktop app first, as it syncs with your data.

Don’t forget you can use StockMarketEye for free for 14 days, then pay only $74.99/year to continue using all of its tracking features.

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Downloading & Installing StockMarketEye FAQ

Is there a Guide to Installing StockMarketEye on my Computer?

Check out our detailed guides on how to install StockMarketEye on the different operating systems we support:


Mac Intel



Can I Install the Software on Multiple Devices?

You can install StockMarketEye on up to EIGHT devices — this does not include the mobile companion app. This means you can use the tool on four separate computers or laptops.

If you hit your limit — we will notify you — and still want to include it on more devices, please contact our support team to inquire about this possibility.

How Often is the Software Updated?

We are currently working on upgrading the software look and infrastructure to provide a more solid and reliable platform. Due to this, you may see updates every 2-3 weeks.

In the near future, you may see releases happen less often, but they are all geared towards improving the user experience and solving any issues our users encounter.

You will receive release notes via email, or you can read them directly on the website in our Releases section.

Is there a Mobile Version of StockMarketEye Available?

There is a Mobile Companion App available for all StockMarketEye users. The app is completely FREE.

As the app is a “companion”, it does not work on its own. You need to have the desktop app downloaded and in current use — as that is how the data syncs.

You can download the Android App or the Apple iOS App.

I Have Trouble Downloading/Installing; What Kind of Support is Available?

If you ever encounter issues with downloading, installing, or anything in between, we have several steps of support available to you:

1️ Look at our detailed installation guides (linked in the first question!).
2️ You can look through our Help Desk Guides, where you can find detailed and easy-to-follow guides on just about everything StockMarketEye.
3️ You can contact support directly for a human touch on solving any problems by Contacting Us.

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“This is one of the finest little apps for following the stocks that I have come across…It is easy for my wife to use and follow her portfolio.”

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“A simple, yet powerful tool. I can see everything I want to quickly and easily… I have already noticed a boost in my investor confidence level in just a week of using it.”

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