Example Portfolios and Watchlists

Want to see how the greats are investing?

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Get started tracking your favorite investors and finding new investment ideas with our example portfolios and watchlists.

How To Use The Portfolios and Watchlists


The portfolios below are CSV files of transactions. Download the CSV file to your computer and import it into StockMarketEye.

Watch a video of how to import a portfolio (02:54)

Read the section of our User’s Guide on importing a portfolio.


The watchlists below are CSV files containing ticker symbols. Download the CSV file to your computer and import it into StockMarketEye.

Watch a video of how to import a watchlist (01:55)

Read the section of our User’s Guide on importing a watchlist.

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Investing with the Best

Becoming a good investor takes time, and good investors are always learning.

One of the best ways of improving your investment knowledge and skills is by studying history’s greatest investors – Benjamin Graham, Jack Bogle, Peter Lynch, Jesse Livermore – just to name a few.

Improve your investment knowledge by tracking the investment portfolios of well known investors with these example portfolios.

Index NameOwner(s) 
Berkshire Hathaway PortfolioWarren Buffett, Charlie MungerView Details

Example Watchlists

Get started finding new investment ideas and opportunities with these example watchlists.

Index NameSymbolCountry 
Extended Indexes List (updated on April 26, 2016)58 indexes28 countriesDownload Watchlist
NASDAQ 100 (updated on April 26, 2016)^NDXUSView Details
NASDAQ Composite (updated on April 26, 2016)^IXICUSView Details
French CAC-PMECAPME.PAFranceView Details

Other Watchlists

The following are example watchlists that contain all of the components of the listed stock market index. Use the ‘Download Watchlist’ link to download the watchlist file and save it to your computer. You can then import it into StockMarketEye using the menu: File -> Import Watchlist from CSV… You’ll find more information on how to import a watchlist in our User’s Guide.

The first time you run StockMarketEye, it creates a Watchlist that contains 12 major world indexes. If you’d like to have a watchlist with all of the stock market indexes listed here, download the Extended Indexes Watchlist CSV file and import it as described above.

Index NameSymbolCountry 
Dow Jones Industrial Average^DJIUSDownload Watchlist
Dow Jones Transportation Average^DJTUSDownload Watchlist
Dow Jones Utility Average^DJUUSDownload Watchlist
Dow Jones Composite Average^DJAUSDownload Watchlist
S&P 500^GSPCUSDownload Watchlist
S&P Midcap 400^MIDUSDownload Watchlist
S&P SmallCap 600^SMLUSDownload Watchlist
S&P 100 INDEX^OEXUSDownload Watchlist
NASDAQ Composite^IXICUSDownload Watchlist
NASDAQ-100^NDXUSDownload Watchlist
NYSE Composite Index^NYAUSDownload Watchlist
PHLX Semiconductor^SOXUSDownload Watchlist
S&P TSX Composite (updated on March 15, 2016)^GSPTSECanadaDownload Watchlist
S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index^SPTSECP3CanadaDownload Watchlist
S&P/TSX MidCap Index^SPTSEMCanadaDownload Watchlist
S&P/TSX SmallCap Index^SPTSESCanadaDownload Watchlist
FTSE 100^FTSEUKDownload Watchlist
FTSE TECHMARK 100 (updated on September, 2021)^FTT1XUKDownload Watchlist
All Ordinaries^AORDAustraliaDownload Watchlist
S&P/ASX 100^ATOIAustraliaDownload Watchlist
S&P/ASX 20^ATLIAustraliaDownload Watchlist
S&P/ASX 200^AXJOAustraliaDownload Watchlist
S&P/ASX 300^AXKOAustraliaDownload Watchlist
S&P/ASX 50^AFLIAustraliaDownload Watchlist
S&P/ASX MIDCAP50^AXMDAustraliaDownload Watchlist
S&P/ASX SMALL ORDINARIES^AXSOAustraliaDownload Watchlist
BEL-20^BFXBelgiumDownload Watchlist
Paris SBF 120 (updated on August 23, 2016)^SBF120FranceDownload Watchlist
CAC 40^FCHIFranceDownload Watchlist
DAX^GDAXIGermanyDownload Watchlist
AEX General^AEXNetherlandsDownload Watchlist
OSE All Share^OSEAXNorwayDownload Watchlist
Stockholm General^OMXSPISwedenDownload Watchlist
TA-100^TA100IsraelDownload Watchlist
MerVal^MERVArgentinaDownload Watchlist
Bovespa^BVSPBrazilDownload Watchlist
IPC^MXXMexicoDownload Watchlist
Hang Seng^HSIHong KongDownload Watchlist
Jakarta Composite^JKSEIndonesiaDownload Watchlist
KLSE Composite^KLSEMalaysiaDownload Watchlist
NZSE 50^NZ50New ZealandDownload Watchlist
Straits Times^STISingaporeDownload Watchlist
Seoul Composite^KS11South KoreaDownload Watchlist