Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

Who is StockMarketEye designed for?

StockMarketEye is designed for anyone who invests in the stock market and wants to quickly and easily track the evolution of their investment interests. From swing traders to long-term investors, StockMarketEye is a powerful tool for those who need a broad view of the markets in order to choose, track and time their next investment or investment strategy.

Is StockMarketEye designed for day traders?

StockMarketEye is not designed for day traders. Lack of integrated trading makes it disadventageous for a day trader when compared to a real-time, integrated trading application available from brokerages and other software providers.

However, day traders may find StockMarketEye useful as a sort of radar for seeing where the action is happening. Once identified, these action areas could be followed and traded using an integrated trading application.

Trial and Purchase Questions

How does the free 30 day trial work? Are there any limitations?

The free 30 day trial starts the first time you run StockMarketEye. During those 30 days, you have complete access to almost all of StockMarketEye’s features. There are only minor functional limitations as compared to the purchasable version. Those limitations are:

-In the trial version, backup/restore is not available.
-In the trial version, the on-line synchronization is not available.
-In the trial version, printing to PDF shows a watermark on the document.

7 days before your free trial expires, StockMarketEye will alert you to the fact that your trial will soon expire. You can continue using and benefiting from StockMarketEye by purchasing a subscription.

What does purchasing a subscription to StockMarketEye get me?

Please see our subscription FAQ for more details.

Stock Quote Questions

How can I find the stock symbol (ticker symbol) for the company I’m interested in?

StockMarketEye includes an integrated symbol search in windows where a symbol needs to be entered (such as the buy/sell windows or adding to a watchlist window). Just start typing the name of a company, product or symbol in the “Ticker Symbol” field. The search results will be displayed below. Simply click one of the results to select it.

Can StockMarketEye track stock options?

Yes, StockMarketEye can track option prices (please see this page on finding option symbols and this page on tracking stock options ) in our knowledge base.

How do “streaming” quotes work in StockMarketEye?

StockMarketEye provides a flexible quote system that lets you control how often your stock symbols are updated with their current prices. When you choose “Streaming quote data” the prices of the stocks in your Watchlist or Portfolio will be updated automatically at regular intervals by StockMarketEye. If you choose “On-Demand quote data” the prices of the stocks in your Watchlist or Portfolio will be updated only when you tell StockMarketEye to refresh the prices. You can do this by selecting the “Get Quotes” button on the toolbar. By default, all Watchlists and Portfolios are initially set to use “Streaming” quotes.

You can view and modify the quote system used for each Watchlist and Portfolio individually from the “Live Quotes” tab on the Properties screen. To open a Watchlist or Portfolio’s settings dialog, click on the “More” button in the toolbar and select “Properties…”.

Does StockMarketEye use realtime quotes?

No. StockMarketEye gets quotes from Yahoo Finance and MSN Money. Quotes are delayed quotes. Please see the Data Providers section of our Knowledge Base for more details.

Other Questions

How does StockMarketEye protect the privacy of my portfolio information?

The portfolios and watchlists that you create in StockMarketEye stay in StockMarketEye on your computer. Unless you are using our on-line synchronization service, your data is never sent or uploaded to an external computer or server and all data that you enter into StockMarketEye stays on your computer and is never shared or uploaded to any other computer or server.

When using our on-line synchronization service , your data is sent and stored securely on our webserver. Your data is only accessible via your username and password. Our on-line synchronization service is an optional feature of StockMarketEye and is only used when you explicitly activate it.

You also have the option of password protecting your StockMarketEye data on your computer. When password protection is enabled, the StockMarketEye data on your computer will be encrypted (AES-128 encryption) and you will be required to give your password before StockMarketEye will open.

Can StockMarketEye use a proxy server to access the internet?

Yes. StockMarketEye can use a proxy server to access the internet. You can configure the proxy server settings in the Preferences window. See the Configuring a Proxy Server section of our Knowledge Base for details.

StockMarketEye was working fine, but recently started to be really slow to load. Why?!?

One possibility is related to the software called MacKeeper. If you have their realtime antivirus scan enabled, it will slow down the loading of StockMarketEye considerably. You should disable this feature. After disabling, StockMarketEye will load and run as it did previously.

Why can’t I copy-paste in StockMarketEye? I’m using the Windows version.

We have found that “Webroot” blocks the copy-paste in StockMarketEye. You can fix this by specifically allowing StockMarketEye in the Webroot settings. Note that you may have to re-allow StockMarketEye in Webroot each time StockMarketEye updates to a new version.

How do I uninstall StockMarketEye?

On Windows, open the Windows Settings and click on Apps. Then on the “Apps & features” screen, scroll down to find StockMarketEye and click on it. An Uninstall button should appear which you can click to start the uninstall. Follow any prompts during the uninstall process.

On Mac, drag the StockMarketEye app from the install location (usually your Applications folder) to the Trash.

On Linux, delete the StockMarketEye AppImage file.

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