Importing and Tracking Brokerage Accounts

Import your investment data directly from supported brokerages

  • Use “direct connect” or our Advanced Brokerage Import
  • Brokerages from US, UK, Canada, Australia and more!
  • Easily keep your data up-to-date

Advanced Brokerage Import Feature View

Import Your Accounts Directly from Supported Brokerages

Getting your investment data into portfolio management tool like StockMarketEye can often be a daunting task.

Fortunately, using StockMarketEye’s brokerage import feature, you can easily import your investment data directly from your brokerage accounts.

StockMarketEye supports importing data using the “direct connect” method or our Advanced Brokerage Import method.

“Direct Connect”

The “direct connect” method, a.k.a. OFX, supports importing from 70+ US brokerages.

Please note that only U.S. brokerages support the “direct connect” standard that StockMarketEye uses to download your investment data. If your brokerage is outside the U.S., we recommend trying the Advanced Brokerage Import method, or import your data from a file (QIF, OFX/QFX, or CSV) or enter your data manually.

Advanced Brokerage Import

With the Advanced Brokerage Import, StockMarketEye has partnered with a leading financial data aggregator to facilitate importing from 1000s of brokerages around the world.

Brokerages in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, India and more are supported.

What data is available from Brokerages?

The data available from brokerages consists of your current holdings and recent transactions. StockMarketEye pulls in all of this data and creates one portfolio for each brokerage account.

The amount of recent transactions that can be downloaded varies by brokerage. For example, some only offer transactions from the last 3-month. Others offer up to 2 years worth of transactions. StockMarketEye will download as much as it can so that you have as complete a historical record as possible.

When StockMarketEye imports your current holdings, but the brokerage does not provide a purchase transaction because the purchase happened prior to the transaction limit, StockMarketEye will create a placeholder transaction in its place. You can edit this transaction to specify the correct date and cost basis for the holding.

You can also manually add older transactions later to help make a more complete picture of your investment returns. Additionally StockMarketEye allows you to edit or remove any of the data that is downloaded.

Let our documentation guide you through the brokerage import:

Brokerage Import User’s Guide

StockMarketEye Brokerage Import Screen

Staying Up-To-Date With Your Brokerage Account

After you import your accounts, you will want to keep your corresponding StockMarketEye portfolio up-to-date with any developments in your account.

For example, if you purchase or sell stocks in your account, you’ll want to do the same in you StockMarketEye portfolio.

StockMarketEye’s update-from-brokerage feature allows you to pull in the most recent transactions and keep your StockMarketEye portfolio up-to-date with your brokerage account.

The update-from-brokerage window is optimized to allow you to download your recent transactions from all your accounts at once. You can even have StockMarketEye save your passwords to stream-line the update process even further.

Let our documentation show you how to update your portfolios with the most recent transactions:

How to pull in the most recent transactions from your brokerage accounts.

Note that the update-from-brokerage feature is a manual process. You’ll need to run it periodically to get the latest transactions.

Update All Portfolios from their Brokerage View