Importing and Adding Data

Get your data into StockMarketEye — quickly and easily.

Importing from Standard Investment Files

If you can't import your data from a brokerage, you may be able to import from standard investment files.

StockMarketEye support importing data from the following types of files:

  • QIF - Quicken Interchange Format
  • OFX - Open Financial Exchange
  • QFX - Proprietary version of OFX from Intuit
  • CSV - Comma Separated Values

QIF and OFX/QFX files can often be downloaded from your brokerage. Typically the brokerage will call this something like "Download For Quicken" or "Download for Microsoft Money". These type of files can also be exported from other financial applications such as Quicken.

CSV is a standard spreadsheet file. StockMarketEye can import CSV files with a specific set of columns. See our User's Guide for details on the format.

Our User's Guide walks you through the import steps for each of these file types:

Adding Data by Hand

StockMarketEye also allows for manually entering data.

Our data entry windows are optimized to make data entry fast and painless.

All standard transaction types are supported:

  • Buy / Sell
  • Sell Short / Cover Short
  • Shares In / Shares Out
  • Dividend / Re-invested Dividend
  • Capital Gain / Re-invested Capital Gain
  • Return of Capital
  • Split
  • Corporate Actions

As well as cash management transaction types:

  • Cash In/Out
  • Interest
  • Fees
  • Other In/Out

Always Editable

And no matter how you enter your data, you can always edit it later directly in StockMarketEye, either through our data entry windows or in the table like a spreadsheet.

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