Investment Categories

Get an accurate picture of your investments by grouping individual investments together.

Investment Categories and Titles

Categorize Your Investments

You can create groups of investments within the Prices and Fundamentals views of your portfolio or Portfolio Group’s “combined” portfolio.

These groups are called Categories.

Categories give totals for the individual investments or other sub-categories that it contains.

You can also use Categories for organizational purposes to help facilitate tracking and remembering your investments.

Adding columns such as the “Portfolio %” column help you analyse your asset allocation by category.

Customize Groups and Categories in StockMarketEye View

Sector and Industry

Sector and Industry data for ticker symbols is available via specialized columns.

The “Sector” and “Industry” columns can be configured for any portfolio, portfolio group or watchlist.

These fields are auto-populated with the known sector and industry information.

You can also manually modify their values, if you think the ticker has been miscategorized.

Combined with Categories, the Sector and Industry information lets you get an accurate picture of your diversification.

Stock Sector and Industry Categories View