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Keep Your Eye on All Your Assets

StockMarketEye helps you manage all your accounts in a single place and allows you to streamline the analysis of gains, losses, and performance.

Benefit from multi-currency support and compatibility with major world exchanges while staying up to date with auto-updating stock quotes, charts, and timely alerts to help you make the right choices.

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Easily Manage Your Investments

StockMarketEye makes tracking individual and multiple investments a breeze with its user-friendly platform, helping you to get started quickly by importing data from brokerages, QIF, OFX, and CSV files or entering your information manually.

Keep an eye on your portfolio, analyze gains and losses, and compare your holdings to a benchmark to make better choices.

No matter your experience level, our easy-to-use solution ensures you can effortlessly manage and monitor your assets.

Group portfolios together, categorize them, and run insightful reports.

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Make Your Investment Experience Better with StockMarketEye

Get a firsthand experience of how our platform can make your investment management process better.

Get started today and unlock the full potential of StockMarketEye!

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Evaluate Investment Risks with In-Depth Analysis

Our software helps you see various factors that could impact your investment performance.

By examining historical data and metrics such as volatility, you can identify trends and potential risks, which help you adjust your investment strategy as needed.

Monitor Your Portfolio with Performance Tracking

Monitor your investments’ progress over time, and get insights into the overall health of your portfolio.

Using our detailed reports, graphs, and analytics, you can quickly identify trends, strengths, and areas for improvement.

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Enhance Your Strategy with Research and Analysis

StockMarketEye gives you access to essential data that helps you to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in the market.

It offers powerful analytical tools, including stock charting and technical indicators, to help you check individual stocks and identify trends or potential opportunities.

Streamline Workflow with Automation & Integration

Our solution makes managing your assets simple by offering automation and integration features designed to optimize your workflow, allowing you to save time and effort to focus on other tasks.

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Visually Analyze the Market with Ease

StockMarketEye provides a complete view of your investments with its built-in historical stock price charts, featuring end-of-day and 1 & 5 day intra-day charts.

Improve your market analysis using 14 technical indicators, six chart styles, panning options, and more designed to help you achieve your goals.

Select built-in or separate window charts depending on your preference, and view your moves like buys, sells, dividends, and splits directly on the chart.

Additionally, our stock charting software allows you to make chart comparisons for improved analysis of your holdings.

Meet Your Reporting Needs

Our software lets you choose from six investment reports to help you analyze your portfolio better according to your needs:

  • Allocation Report
  • Transactions Report
  • Summary Report
  • Total Return Report
  • Gain/Loss Report
  • Back-in-Time Report
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Improve Your Investment Management Process with StockMarketEye

Discover the difference one of the best investment management software can make. StockMarketEye simplifies the control and analysis of your assets, streamlining processes and providing valuable insights.

Benefit from compatibility with major world exchanges, customizable charts, and insightful reports to meet your needs. Take control of your financial future and unlock the full potential of your investment strategy with StockMarketEye today!

What Our Customers Are Saying

I’ve never used a program to monitor the market before but this product is great. It is a simple, yet powerful tool. I can see everything I want to quickly and easily. The charts are extremely easy to read and setup. I have already noticed a boost in my investor confidence level in just a week of using it.

– Bill Randleberg, Private Investor, USA

This is not only one of the cleanest-looking but also one of the easiest stock trackers we’ve used.

– CNET editor’s review

… It is a very easy program to use with a lot of powerful features. I can spend my time investing, not learning software. Love it …

– David Johnston, Virginia, USA

This is one of the finest little apps for following the stocks that I have come across…It is easy for my wife to use and follow her portfolio and I can use it for additional analysis when talking to my stockbroker.

– Keith Thompson, Ohio, USA

Start Managing Your Investments the Right Way!

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