Take Charge

Quickly and easily monitor the performance of your investments. Manage as many investment portfolios as you need, whether they track your brokerage account or are "virtual" portfolios that you use for testing. Enter buy, sell-short, sell and cover transactions. Multiple currencies are supported.

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Stay Informed

StockMarketEye helps you stay informed of market movements. Track stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and more from most major world exchanges, as well as commodity prices, exchange rates and options. Organize your picks into different watchlists so you can quickly and easily track their performance and be better prepared to make your investment decisions.

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Take your watchlists and portfolios with you, no matter where you are. Our on-line backup and synchronization feature lets you keep the same watchlists and portfolios up-to-date on any iOS device as well as on our desktop application.

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Please note that StockMarketEye for iOS can be used without the desktop application and is purchased separately.

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