Measuring Performance

Gauge the performance of your investments — past and present.

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Analyse Your Current Holdings

Your current assets are font-and-center — letting you focus on what’s important and giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.

The Prices view shows gains/losses and market values. Get performance data such as Total Return, TWRR/IRR, Portfolio percentage, Yearly Income and more.

The Fundamentals view gives you quick access to important ratios and values for the securities in your Portfolio or Watchlist.

Configure your views to show the data that’s important to you. StockMarketEye supports a wide range of data metrics which can be added as columns in your views.

Measuring Investment Performance in SME

Check Your Diversification

Is your portfolio acceptably diversified? Are you over or under allocated in a key market sector?

The Allocation Report can help answer those questions.

Being properly allocated means you only take on the amount of risk you’re comfortable with. Examine your allocation percentages to see if you need to make changes to balance out your risks.

You can view your portfolio’s allocation based on the individual holdings. Or if you’re using categories, the allocation percentage of each category.

But don’t stop at just your individual portfolios. Make sure all your investments balance out, even across portfolios, by using the Allocation report within a Portfolio Group.

StockMarketEye Allocation Report

View Performance From Any Angle

How did your portfolio perform last year? How about over the last 6 months? And how did that compare to what “the market” did over the same time frame?

Get concrete answers to all those questions with the Summary Report.

See performance numbers for your portfolio over any time frame. The Time Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR) and Money Weighted Rate of Return (IRR) metrics give you detailed performance numbers.

Get perspective on those performance numbers using the built-in benchmark comparison.

The market value chart and performance chart allow you to visually analyse how your portfolio performed as well as compare it to a benchmark.

Other portfolio reports, such as the gain/loss report, allocation report, back-in-time report or the transactions report, are also available.

Performance Numbers through the Summary Report

Review Your Past Gains & Losses

Learn from your past trades by reviewing them in the Gain / Loss Report.

Buys and sells are matched to show you the profit & loss on individual trades, plus a total to give you perspective.

Get to the data you want to see quickly — filter by dates and/or symbols.

Setup the report for what’s important to you — dates, shares, P/L, number of days held, commissions/fees, exchange rates and more.

Gains and Losses Report

Chart the Growth of Your Portfolio

Visually capture the growth of your portfolio.

Your portfolio’s historical value chart shows you the growth of its market value over time, computed from your trades and the historical quotes of the securities involved.

Hover the mouse over the chart to see the value of the portfolio on a specific day.

Or use the Back-in-Time Report to see how your portfolio looked on any day in the past.

Portfolio Historical Value Chart
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