On-line Backup and Synchronization

StockMarketEye offers free, on-line synchronization of your StockMarketEye data. Your watchlists, portfolios, transactions and alerts can be kept up-to-date, no matter where you use StockMarketEye.

You can use the synchronization service in many different ways:

  • Synchronize your data between StockMarketEye for iOS/Android and StockMarketEye on your computer
  • Synchronize between different computers
  • Synchronize between different iOS/Android devices
  • Can also be used as a simple backup solution

It's now even easier and hassle free to keep your eye on your investments and the markets.

How does it work?

Using StockMarketEye's on-line synchronization service is easy. From StockMarketEye for iOS/Android or a licensed copy of StockMarketEye on your desktop, simply create a free account. Then synchronize. When you want to access that data from another computer or iOS or Android device, login with your username and password, then synchronize.

You'll find more information in the on-line synchronization service documentation in our User's Guide.

How secure is it?

The StockMarketEye on-line synchronization service secures your content by encrypting it when sent over the internet, storing it in an encrypted format, and using secure tokens for authentication.

  • Your data is encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) when sent over the Internet, to and from the StockMarketEye servers.
  • The StockMarketEye servers encrypt your stored data using the industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, 256-bit).
  • When synchronizing with your data, authentication is done using a secure token. This eliminates the need to store your password on your device or computer.

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