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PersonalStockMonitor Replacement

PersonalStockMonitor (PSM) is defunct.

Now keep your eye on your investments with StockMarketEye!

  • Import from PSM generated QIF files.
  • Import directly from supported brokerages.
  • Get quotes from Yahoo Finance or Google Finance; or manually enter prices.
  • Keep unlimited portfolios and watchlists.
  • Supports any currency and most major markets.
Portfolio Tracker for Investors - StockMarketEye


StockMarketEye is one of the finest apps for following stocks that I have come across in many years.

Keith Thompson, Ohio, USA

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...a user-friendly portfolio tracking application...

AAII Featured Download

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I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but your software rocks. It’s as close to perfect for the individual investor as I’ve seen, and I’ve looked at quite a few.

Sam Giannakis, Chicago, USA

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PersonalStockMonitor (PSM) went out of business at the end of 2012. Their website has been shutdown but StockMarketEye has acquired the rights to their domain.

StockMarketEye is a modern and maintained portfolio tracker for the individual investor.

There are versions of StockMarketEye for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as an iOS version and soon an Android version.

You can get more information about migrating from PSM to StockMarketEye on our blog.

Or consider importing directly from one of the supported brokerages.

Our User's Guide will help you understand the most common features of StockMarketEye. You can also contact our support team for additional help.

User's Guide

Learn about StockMarketEye's powerful, yet easy-to-use feaures.

Read the Introduction to StockMarketEye if you're just getting started. Or browse the complete StockMarketeye User's Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers about StockMarketEye.

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