Consolidate Multiple Portfolios

Get a better picture of your disparate investments by grouping multiple portfolios together.

Portfolio Grouping

StockMarketEye lets you group individual portfolios together to get totals and performance information for the combined assets of the portfolios.

Groups form a hierarchical structure, with the top-level representing all of your portfolios.

Under the top-level, each group can contain individual portfolios or other groups.

You can create any number of groups and sub-groups to get the best view of your investments.

Totals and Combined Holdings

Each group shows you the total values of the portfolios and sub-group contained in the group.

This "Totals" view gives you a quick snapshot of the current status of the investments in this group.

In addition, the group's "combined" portfolio lets you see all of the individual investments of the portfolios and sub-groups together in one place.

The "combined" portfolio is a virtual, read-only portfolio that acts as just like a normal portfolio (with Prices and Fundamentals views), but has all of the group's individual holdings in it.

You can see asset allocation values and even create categories in the "combined" portfolio to get an accurate picture of your diversification within the group.

Reports For the Entire Group

You also get consolidated, valuable performance data for the combined investments of the group.

Historical and performance data is available in the Portfolio Group's a Reports section.

Reports available for a group are the same as those available for an individual portfolio.

The reports use the transactions from all portfolios and sub-groups of the group.

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