Portfolio Management Software

Try our in-depth and easily customizable portfolio management software.

  • Track your finances and assets
  • Measure and analyze their performances
  • And discover your next great investment!
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Track your investments and financial accounts

  • See all your accounts and investments in one place by simply importing data from your personal accounts into the management system.
  • Easily add in accounts that you monitor for family, friends or clients.
  • Place financial portfolios in customized groups and create categories of investments within each portfolio to track and manage simply and quickly.
  • Effortlessly switch back and forth between categories, portfolios, and groups in order to see the totals and daily numbers at every level.
  • Stay on top of market changes by setting up alerts to notify you if a stock or other investment goes over or under a set price.
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Measure your investments’ performance

  • Modify the columns in the folder window to see a wide variety of financial data and positions of each asset.
  • Easily customize the columns to fit your individual needs.
  • Examine past gains & losses, buys, sells, dividends, splits and more using dynamic and adjustable charts.
  • Review the daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly gains and losses for each investment in each portfolio.
  • Configure technical indicators for each stock in order to create a consistent and seamless view of your investments.
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Analyze the results to determine if and when you need to make a change

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Discover your next investment opportunity

  • Create watchlists on individual stocks, groups of stocks, other assets, or indexes and keep a close eye on the market changes of interest to you.
  • Use the watchlists as a guide or a test to see how specific investments will act.
  • Monitor and manipulate the watchlists according to how your own financial assets change.
  • Mark your personal investments as overweight, underweight, or of equal weight and use that information to wisely determine your next trade.
  • Compare the numerous technical built-in viewpoints on your potential investments so that you can easily plan future trading.
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