Investment Portfolio Reports

Analyze your current holdings and your portfolio’s performance though a powerful set of reports

Stock Market Eye Portfolio Report Pie Chart View

The Allocation Report

The Allocation Report shows how well your portfolio is diversified.

Viewing how your investments are allocated helps you understand how much risk you’ve taken on and see where adjustment need to be made.

Pie charts make it easy to visualise your allocation percentages. You also have access to the raw percentages so you can judge minor differences easily.

View allocations based on your individual holdings, or based on any categories you’ve created in the portfolio.

But don’t stop at just your individual portfolios. Make sure all your investments balance out, even across portfolios, by using the Allocation report within a Portfolio Group.

The Allocation Report – StockMarketEye User’s Guide

Stock Market Eye Allocation Report Pie Chart with Candlesticks

The Summary Report

The Summary report gives you an overview of your portfolio’s activity and performance over a specific time period.

Its performance charts show you the historical market value of your portfolio as well as its performance.

Other sections of the report summarize cash flows, distributions and purchases/sells.

You also have a view of how your portfolio looked at the beginning and end of the selected time period.

The Summary report is calculated using all of the transactions that occurred during the selected time period, so you get the full picture of your portfolio’s activity and performance.

Many useful, predefined time periods are available, or you can set a custom date range for the report.

Learn more about the Summary report in our User’s Guide:

The Summary Report – StockMarketEye User’s Guide

Portfolio Reports Summary

The Transactions Report

The Transactions report shows you the history of the activity that occurred in your account.

Transactions are the basis of your portfolio – both past and present.

StockMarketEye uses the transactions in the other reports and in the Prices view in order to calculate values such as gain/loss, total return, TWRR/IRR and much more.

Because the transactions are used throughout StockMarketEye, it is important to keep them as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

You can edit any of the transactions – either via the dialog-based editing or directly in the report like a spreadsheet.

The Transactions report allows you to filter the transactions by date range, symbol, or transaction type – You’ll be able to focus on the ones that are important to you.

Learn more about the Transactions report in our User’s Guide:

The Transactions Report – StockMarketEye User’s Guide

Stock Market Eye Transactions Report List View with Graph

The Gain/Loss Report

The Gain/Loss report shows you the gains and losses you have on your purchases.

Each purchase is matched with its corresponding sell transaction, and the gain or loss displayed.

You can also see how many days you held the stock, plus all of the information about the opening/closing transactions.

The filters of the Gain/Loss report allow you to view only a particular stock, only gains/losses from a specific time period, or to include your current, open positions in the report.

You can learn more about the Gain/Loss report in our User’s Guide:

The Gain/Loss Report – StockMarketEye User’s Guide

Stock Market Eye Gain Loss Report with Graph

The Total Return Report

Similar to the Gain/Loss report, the Total Return report shows you the gains/losses and distributions paid.

For each holding period of a security, the total return for that period is calcualted.

The capital appreciation/loss and distribution payments are also displayed separately for more nuanced analysis.

The filters of the Total Return report allow you to view only a particular stock and for which specific time period the returns should be calculated.

You can learn more about the Total Return report in our User’s Guide:

The Total Return Report – StockMarketEye User’s Guide

Stock Market Eye Total Return Report

The Back-in-Time Report

The unique Back-in-Time report allows you to view what your portfolio looked like on a specific day in the past.

In this report, StockMarketEye builds your portfolio from the transactions, stopping on the selected day. The portfolio then shows what holdings you had on the selected day.

Additionally, the stock quotes for the selected day are looked up and applied to the portfolio so you can see exactly what the prices were as well as gains/losses.

Selecting a new day is easy. The Gain/Loss report allows you to jump forward/backward by 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. You can also use the calendar to pick the specific day you’re interested in.

You can learn more about the Back-in-Time report in our User’s Guide:

The Back-in-time Report – StockMarketEye User’s Guide

Stock Market Eye Back in Time Report

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CNET editor’s review

I’ve never used a program to monitor the market before but this product is great. It is a simple, yet powerful tool. I can see everything I want to quickly and easily. The charts are extremely easy to read and setup. I have already noticed a boost in my investor confidence level in just a week of using it.

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… It is a very easy program to use with a lot of powerful features. I can spend my time investing, not learning software. Love it …

David Johnston, Virginia, USA
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