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Six Performance Reports
to Enhance Your Investing

The StockMarketEye’s portfolio reporting software feature gives you six automated, instantly-generated reports. Get a better view of your investments with powerful insights.

The Allocation Report

View how your investments are allocated, understand how much risk you’ve taken, and see where adjustments need to be made.

Visualize your allocation percentages quickly with pie charts and access the raw percentages for more detailed information.

Create and customize categories to view the allocations of your investments and balance your portfolio for maximum growth.

StockMarketEye Allocation Report Pie Chart View

The Summary Report

Think of the Summary Report as your personal financial statement, a comprehensive view of your investment portfolio’s performance over a specific period of time.

Understanding this report can give you a clear picture of how your investments are doing.

✔️ You can see if you’re making money or losing money and how your investment decisions compare to a benchmark like the S&P 500.
✔️ It helps you track your cash flows and the effect they have on your portfolio’s returns.

With this tool at your disposal, you can make informed decisions about your investment strategy​.

StockMarketEye Portfolio Summary Report

The Transactions Report

The Transactions Report takes note of all the actions you have taken with your investments. Every time you buy or sell a share of a company, it makes a note of it.

It tells you:
✔️ When you made that action.
✔️ How many shares you bought or sold.
✔️ How much each share cost at the time of the transaction.
✔️ Easily keep an eye on your cash balance.

It even calculates the total amount of money you spent or received from that transaction.

This report can help you understand your investment habits, track your spending, and see how your actions have affected your money over time.

StockMarketEye Transactions Report

The Gain/Loss Report

The Gain/Loss Report is like a report card for your investments. It shows you how each of your investments has performed over a certain period of time.

The report provides details like:
✔️ How much you initially paid for an investment.
✔️ How much money you received when you sold the investment.
✔️ The difference between these two amounts; your gain or loss.

This report helps you understand which investments are making you money and which ones are costing you.

StockMarketEye Gain/Loss Report with Graph

The Total Return Report

Get a complete view of the total returns you are getting from your stock investments.

Quickly use historical performance data and benchmark comparisons to get a glimpse of what investments are giving you the returns to continue growing your wealth.

Using our total return report helps you fully understand your investments.
✔️ Making it easier to check how well your investments are doing.
✔️ Spread your money across different types of investments.

StockMarketEye Total Return Report

The Back-in-Time Report

The Back-in-Time report gives you the power to view all of your past investment decisions during any period of time.

✔️ Filter the data by day, week, or month to see your transactions and their value.
✔️ See what stocks you have gained or lost with each historical transaction.

For any investor, looking at past performance, trends, and even decisions can impact future decisions or even change your investment strategy.

Analyzing the Back In Time report

Improve Your Investing with Deeper Insights

Where can our automated stock reporting software help you?

  • Improve your investing confidence. By understanding the factors driving portfolio performance, you can make informed decisions and feel more confident in your investment strategy.
  • See your performance. Evaluate the effectiveness of your investment strategies and adapt to the quickly changing markets.
  • Assess your risk. Being able to get a snapshot of your investments can help you assess the risk you are taking and adjust based on your own risk levels.
  • Diversify your investments.
  • Track your income and goals.
  • Can even use them for tax planning!

Our performance reports are a great tool for any investor to take advantage of!