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Portfolio Tracker for Investors - StockMarketEye

Monitor All Your Investments

Review all your holdings together in one spot and gain a better picture of your financial position.

You'll be better able to see the big picture and take control of your investment decisions.

  • Consolidate information on holdings and transactions of all accounts in one place.
  • Make informed decisions by analysing useful performance data such as Total Returns, CAGR, IRR and TWRR.

Manage as many portfolios as you want.

  • Use portfolios to track your actual brokerage accounts.
  • Create "fantasy" portfolios for fun, testing or simulation.

Easier Than Excel

Why spend valuable time maintaining spreadsheets just to keep track of your investments?

Let StockMarketEye do it for you and use the extra time to research your next move.

See your Net Worth

Get an overview of all your portfolios together in the Summary view.

See your portfolio's Totals and a grand Sum Total of them all.

Analyse your holdings across all of your portfolios in the Combined Portfolio, which brings together all of your individual investments into one large, simulated portfolio.

Exclude some portfolios, such as your "fantasy" portfolios, from the Summary view so you only see totals for what counts.

Visualize its Growth

See how the value of your portfolio has changed over time using the portfolio's value chart.

Based on your historical transactions and historical stock prices, visualize how your portfolio has grown in value.

Add an extra dimension to your analysis by using a comparison symbol in the chart — see how your portfolio's growth compares vs and index.

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StockMarketEye is one of the finest apps for following stocks that I have come across in many years.

Keith Thompson, Ohio, USA

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...a user-friendly portfolio tracking application...

AAII Featured Download

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I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but your software rocks. It’s as close to perfect for the individual investor as I’ve seen, and I’ve looked at quite a few.

Sam Giannakis, Chicago, USA

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Read the Introduction to StockMarketEye if you're just getting started. Or browse the complete StockMarketeye User's Guide.

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