Coming Soon… StockMarketEye 5

The next major version of StockMarketEye (v5) is coming soon! We are beta testing it now and hope to have an official release in the Spring.

StockMarketEye 5 is a major update and modernization of our easy-to-use investment management software. We’ve added many new features, improved the usability of existing features and updated to a more modern look-and-feel.

What’s New?

There are lots of additions and changes in StockMarketEye v5 and we’ll have a complete list available at the official launch. In the mean time, here’s a quick overview of some of the enhancements coming soon in StockMarketEye 5.

  • New Look : Light and Dark themes with an easily changeable font size. See the screenshots below!
  • New Data Provider : A new source for quotes will be available, covering markets that are not well served by Yahoo Finance (such as Canadian mutual funds).
  • Improved Usability : We’ve redesigned many features to be easier and faster to use.
  • Updated Reports : Reports have become even more flexible and powerful, making it now even easier to get the information you need to make informed investment decisions.
  • Updated Charting
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly charts
    • Scroll by dragging
    • Improved custom date range selection.
  • Many small additions and improvements including
    • Native, desktop alert notifications on Windows, Mac and Linux
    • Copy column configuration to/from other watchlists/portfolios
    • Multi-symbol filtering in the reports
    • Enter time of day (in addition to date) of a transaction
    • Enter commissions/fees in a different currency
    • Performance improvements
    • And much more!!

What Else Is Changing?

With the release of StockMarketEye 5, we will be implementing a new pricing structure.

You can read more about the new yearly subscription and our reasons for the change here:

Pricing and Subscriptions for StockMarketEye 5

Show Me The Screenshots!

StockMarketEye 5 – Light Theme (click for full size)

StockMarketEye 5 - Light Theme

StockMarketEye 5 – Dark Theme (click for full size)

StockMarketEye 5 - Dark Theme

Extended capabilities of the Transactions report

Extended capabilities of the Transactions report

Extended capabilities of the Gain/Loss report

Extended capabilities of the Gain/Loss report

Like What You See?

If you’re currently on the trial version of StockMarketEye (v4) and your trial ends before v5 is released, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a discount on your v4 purchase.

Stay tuned for StockMarketEye 5, coming this Spring!

44 comments on “Coming Soon… StockMarketEye 5”

  1. Eric

    Thank you for being fully transparent about the new pricing model and not considering your customer base being stupid with arguments such as “monitor your investments for less than the price of a coffee per month”.

    Not sure if I will subscribe yet but I really appreciate that (and also that your software is really properly documented).

  2. Vasileios

    Is there any chance for other data providers (eg, bloomberg, morningstar) be available? yahoo and such providers lack many mutual funds (such as jp morgan, pictet, amundi, blackrock)

  3. admin

    Yes, we will be adding a new data provider (MSN Money) along side of support for Yahoo Finance in v5.

  4. Roger

    Good news. Much better business model. Lower probability of you going broke and me left with yet another piece of orphaned software. Keep up the good work. – Roger

  5. Rod in Australia

    I’m one who loathes subscriptions but in this case will consider it due to your good reasons and openness.
    Suppose I can stay with V4 if i don’t wish to subscribe. As you say, there dosen’t seem to many viable alternatives out there. All the best with it.

  6. admin

    Yes, you can stay with v4 if you do not wish to upgrade to v5. V4 will continue to work even after v5 is out. However, we won’t be making any changes to v4 after v5 is released.

  7. al

    would be better to allow people to upgrade to v5 and let v5 be fully operational for the future, even when subscribers do not renew their yearly payment fees, after that first $50 upgrading to v5. Simply block all upgrades and new future additions/tweaks to their v5 if they do not renew their yearly subscription, once the initial first $50 v5 upgrading sequence has expired. That then automatically put them in the same situation as the ones who will stay in v4 for this same reason (not wanting to have a yearly fee, but with a fully working SME 4.XX software system). At least you then have a large cohort of people upgrading to v5. You get $50 from probably everyone, since everyone knows they can use all the available capabilities in v5 forever, but will forfeit on new tweakings and software adjustments by you, if they do not renew again and again after the initial v5 upgrading. Then it’s up to you to keep them on the hook for new $50 contributions down the road, for years. What certainty do we have that after the first V5.00 there will be new upgrades or adjustments done? After all, for me, I just get day/week/month/year new charting capabilities and day/night scenery by going to v5, since I do not use the extensive reporting and portfolio capabilities (it is all in excel with me), and only have (many) watchlists that are already well integrated in v4. Or at least allow people to pay a once $100 fee to upgrade to v5 without any support after one year, or choose a $50 subscription model, to increase the choices out there. Your call.

  8. admin

    Hi Al, Thanks for your feedback.

    In v5, when your subscription runs out, StockMarketEye will continue to run and download quotes. You’ll have the same access to your StockMarketEye data as with an active subscription. There are only 4 things that will change if your subscription is not active:

    1) You won’t have access to software updates, fixes or new features;
    2) You won’t have access to email support;
    3) You won’t have access to the on-line sync service;
    4) You won’t be able to create new watchlists or portfolios.

    The first 3 of these represent our major costs as a business. We can’t provide them for free without jeopardizing our long-term business viability. The last reason is a small push to get you to keep your subscription active. But you could easily get around this last one by repurposing your current watchlists and portfolios or even creating a handful of new ones just before your subscription runs out.

    The choice of upgrading to v5, we think, should be an easy decision – great new features, cool new look – what’s not to like? The real decision for you will be when your first year with StockMarketEye 5 is almost up. Do you pay for another year? Did we provide enough value through our updates, support and on-line sync to make it worth while? We think you’ll answer ‘Yes’ to both of those questions. But don’t take my word for it. Look back at our blog to see what we’ve done since v4 was released in February 2016 – 38 minor releases, hundreds of new features/fixes/improvements added, and 1000s of user emails answered.


  9. George

    Excellent news. I am very happy to pay an annual subscription, i feel much more comfortable knowing that the tool that is an essential part of my investment decision making has a viable business model for long term support behind it.

    I am hoping the new data service will provide better data for UK ETFs. Also any news on the iOS App, this is sorely in need of upgrade; charts and iPad support needed?

    Good luck

  10. admin

    The new data service should have better UK ETF support, but you can check to see on the MSN Money site as that will be the new data source.

    The iOS app is on the longer term to-do list for after v5.


  11. jisipla

    Time to go. My best investment policy is to NEVER get trapped in online subscriptions. I count every month how much I save in comparison to others just by avoiding Netflix+AmazonPrime+AppleMusic+Spotify+Office365+….. And now stockmarketeye!!! This is incredible, If I would pay 5 euro per month to each company willing me to pay them 5 euro per month, I would destroy my economy in 2 months.
    I paid enough for this software two years ago, and I would feel happy to pay one-off for an updated version, provided that the multitude of bugs that I suffer with the current one is solved. But I will never pay a subscription, priority number one for healthy investment is control recurrent expenditures.

  12. admin

    Thanks for your feedback, Juan.

    I can understand your reluctance. From a personal finance perspective it makes sense to limit the number of recurring expenses you have.

    Note that in comparison to the other services you mentioned, StockMarketEye 5 is much less expensive. It also aims to improve your investements, rather than being simply an expenditure and detracting from them.

    And by canceling your subscription after the first year, you are essentially in the same situation as if you had paid a one-off upgrade fee.

    We do hope you’ll reconsider and stick around. But the choice is yours and I’m confident you’ll make the best decision for your investments.


  13. Bernie Nick

    I’ve been using your product for a few years now and for the most part am very satisfied. One of my concerns has been that you don’t have a sustainable business model — until now. Developing a core set of users who benefit from your software and underwrite your efforts on a continual basis makes sense to me. My only real beef is that my Canadian Mutual Funds haven’t been tracking properly for quite some time and I have been searching for an alternative. Perhaps with the new s/w I can eliminate all the manual entries once again.

  14. admin

    Thanks for the feedback, Bernie. Yes, StockMarketEye v5 will support an additional data provider (MSN Money), which has better coverage of Canadian mutual funds.

  15. StockMarketEye BlogStockMarketEye 4.3.6 Released - StockMarketEye Blog

    […] Check out our post about the upcoming StockMarketEye v5 release! […]

  16. Tim

    I am happy to switch to a subscription service – your software is worth it. A suggestion. It would be great to see the charting function beefed up. It would be useful to have the ability to save basic trendlines for each stock/chart when it comes up and also the ability to attach notes to the chart as well. Looking forward to the new update!

  17. admin

    Thanks for the feedback. Trend lines, support/resistance, and other chart drawing/annotating is definitely on the to-do list.

  18. Dave

    Way to go guys!!!

    Your software is worth every penny.

    It all makes sense to the users that appreciate your software.
    And I am one of them. And I would like to see you continue for years and year to come.

    Looking forward to your to it!

  19. Boba

    Good move to a subscription model. We operated an IT business for 35 years, sold it last September. For the last 8 years, it was operated as a Managed Service Provider and monthly recurring revenue was the key. SME is such a great value to me I look forward to Ver 5 and a solid future for it.

  20. Robert Perrault

    The new version looks very nice … the UI seems very user friendly and I especially love the new dark theme!
    It will save my eyeballs when I use the software at night. :o)

    As for the subscription model … like many people, I usually run away from them like the plague but in this case this is software that I use on a daily basis and provides real value to me.

    The pricing model is very reasonable and so I will make an exception in this case and subscribe to it.

  21. Kevin


    I came across your software a few weeks ago and I am currently a free trial user, so far I’m loving the software and it has helped me a lot in managing my investments. While I don’t mind paying for the subscription for the full usage of the software, I’m wondering if you have an approximate timeline for the release?

    My free trial is ending in a few days and I don’t want to pay for the version 4 and in just a matter of days or weeks, the version 5 comes out and I’ve got to pay more for it.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you

  22. admin

    Hi. Thanks for trying StockMarketEye.
    We’re aiming for release of v5 in April. If you want to purchase v4 before then, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you a discount coupon.

  23. ALAN

    For me, The biggest concern is if you can have the software automatically Record dividends . Currently, I have to do it manually For every month . It is really inconvenient .

  24. admin

    Hi. Automatic dividend recording is a feature we have on our to-do list. We’ll be taking a look at our to-do list after the v5 release to set out which features have priority for the next version.

  25. Alan

    forget to mention, there is another feature I want: automatically online sync when I open the software, I have it installed in several machines. So, whenever I record something, I have to manually sync it on all the machines. It is easy to forget to sync one machine or two from time to time.
    I am willing to support you guys through subscription, as long as it is not too expensive. ($50 seems to be ok for me). Hopefully that you can maintain the service with the revenue.

  26. William

    I am not unwilling to pay a subscription for a good product. I used to use Investoscope which I still rate as the best portfolio management software to date and I have tried quite a few. I have a couple of problems with StockmarketEye

    1. the charting facility has not been working for the last few weeks. So no chart to show portfolio performance. And no stock price charts. Note in the early days there were a number of stocks where charts were not available. Now none are available. All my stocks are quoted on London stock exchange

    2. in my experience the program has a problem dealing with cash. If I sell a stock at either a profit or a loss that amount is not included in the daily overview.

    3. I am constantly having to use the ‘set the cash balance’ facility as the program seems to be unable to track reliably cash movements. I acknowledge this may arise from the original setting up where I imported a lot of data and I may have to start over with v5

    If these problems can be overcome in v5 I will happily subscribe

  27. Nigel

    I’m really supportive of the new subscription model due to the strength of the app, but really disappointed about your choice of feed – MSN Money. I checked through my portfolio, and it suffers the same problems as yahoo in coverage of funds in the UK. Morningstar would have been a far better choice, as this has much, much better global coverage.

  28. admin

    Hi William. Thanks for your feedback.

    1. For the charting issue, you might need to reload the chart data. See this page for more details on that.

    Reload Chart Data

    2. & 3. StockMarketEye maintains your cash balance automatically. Buys/sells, deposits/withdrawals update the Cash balance line of your StockMarketEye portfolio, just as they do in a traditional brokerage account.

    Feel free to send an email to [email protected] if you need further clarification on any of that.

  29. admin

    Like Yahoo Finance, MSN Money has good global coverage. They tend to be a bit better in some of the areas where Yahoo Finance is weak, such as Canadian mutual funds and smaller international markets, but they lack historical dividend and split data, and they don’t have as deep a coverage as country specific sites do.

    Morningstar has country specific sites, which often have deeper coverage within that specific market. However, they too lack historical dividend and split data (which is essential in computing historical returns in a portfolio), plus pulling in data from them was slow in comparison to Yahoo and MSN.

    In any case, we’ve made updates in v5 that will allow us to more easily add other data sources in the future, and Morningstar is near the top of that list.

  30. William

    Thanks for your response. I have successfully updated the chart data.

    Cash is another issue and I will wait for V5


  31. Don

    Nick, happy to pay for subscription, been a v4 user for over a year now and it’s great value for price.

    Also, could I request:

    – The actual alert price/value be displayed in the table instead of a ‘bell/notification’ icon. It’s a pain to click on each icon every time to see what my price target is.

    – The Comments are too basic, I would like to add detailed/longer comments in there with links and rich text formatting (and make the notes searchable. Currently I have to use separate software (Onenote) to manage notes for each stock. I would like my notes to be attached to each stock in my watchlists. Happy to pay 2x the price for this!

    – And if you can make the software online (accessible via web browser), happy to pay 3x!!

  32. admin

    Thanks for the feedback, Don!
    Regarding the price alerts, you should be able to just hover over the first column to see details of what the alert is.

  33. Luis

    Can’t wait to see the V5.0.
    Thanks for being fully transparent about the new pricing model.
    I will subscribe as I find Stock Market Eye a great software.
    Anyway, I would like features that are in the “to-do list”:

    1) software automatically Record dividends.

    2) Could you input an specific tool in order to track the dividends? Is it possible to track the dividend month-by-month?

    3) Would it be possible to create Dividends charts?


  34. admin

    Thanks for the feedback, Luis. Yes, these dividend features are on the to-do list. We have a number of dividend features that we’d like to add as there are many StockMarketEye users that would like to have more dividend information available to them.

  35. Henri

    You have promised specific versions of StockMarketEye in French and German.
    Do you think you will be satisfied in the next six months?

  36. admin

    Hi. Specific versions for French and German are something we’d like to add in the next 12 months after the release of v5. I can’t say exactly when that would be, except to say that it is one of the priorities we have for the post-v5 release.
    Best regards,

  37. Hai

    I used PSM for years before transitioning to SME. Over all, I feel SME is more stable and faster than PSM. Over all it has been a good experience in using it. Pricing is very reasonable and I have no issue supporting independent developers. It would be great if there are added features to included value-analysis to any particular stock such as:
    1. Built-in news headlines and/or bulletins and perhaps link and references to SEC or SEDAR filings.
    2. Scrapping financial statements on either an annual and/or quarterly reports.
    I have been jumping between SME and Webull to develop views on particular interested companies. If the two can be merge, it would be fantastic.

  38. admin

    Thanks for the suggestions. News headlines is a feature on our to-do list. Scrapping financial reports from EDGAR is also something we’er considering for the future, but not sure how this would fit in exactly just yet.

  39. Miro

    After you get v5 out, how about giving the iOS version some love?

    The iOS app really needs to be upgraded to support screen resolutions/size besides the iPhone….keep all thous iPad’s in mind.

  40. admin

    Thanks for the feedback!

  41. Michel

    I’m also reluctant to have subscriptions based apps. I also hate paying for car repairs. So that becomes a matter of choice. Pay car repairs or take public transportation (also with a monthly fee). For many apps a subscriptions is a Consumer Cyclical expenditure and easy to shave from a budget. For SME it might be different as it would be more of a cost of operation for our investments.

    When Google dropped their Financial services Nick went head over heal to come-up with solutions, every-time things were crashing he promptly came-up with a fix. It would have been very easy for him to simply pull the plug, like Investoscope did. Nick always promptly replied to my e-mails. Finally, years are passing by between major versions thus a new revenus flux. Therefore I think that having a subscription base is a natural way to go for SME.

    That being said, will I go with V5? Not yet. I’m a dividend investor and right now I’m using (2) systems. SME because of the current tools it offer but also a Google Sheet that I made in order to better track dividends.

    So the trigger for me will be to have eventually in V5:

    – Dividend history graph (by Month, year, account, stock etc…)
    – Dividend growth for any stock since initial position
    – Dividend forecast until year end
    – Dividend amount override or pause. Ex.: DF.TO has a $0.10/Mo dividend but it is currently “paused” as one specific condition prevents dividend paying.
    – In short a strong Dividend “module”

    I also sure would like to see USD column sums to show in USD instead of my in home currency.

    Best of luck with the Launch. I’ll keep an eye on V5’s evolution.

  42. admin

    Thanks for the feedback! More detailed dividend information is on our to-do list.

  43. Spencer Boice

    Hey, I cant wait for the new version of v5! I’ll be looking forward to the official release!

    2019-2021 Wish list:
    1) Trendline, chart tools (I know you want to add this)
    2) Dividend investing tools (automatic dividends…I don’t even track my dividends in v4 🙁
    3) Add “Robinhood” to the broker import portfolio
    4) Dividend Yield & Stock Price History Chart (from; you can view the stocks yield history with the stock price( this allows you to track daily stock yields from 10yr, 1yr, YTD, etc….)
    5) Dividend increase notification, alarm, etc..

  44. admin

    Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

    Stay tuned… V5 is coming soon!

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