Coming soon to StockMarketEye…

StockMarketEye is about to get a lot better…

We’ve dropped a few hints about it already, but here’s the official announcement:

StockMarketEye 3.0 is coming soon!

While apps similar to StockMarketEye are getting out of the game, we’re raising ours.

We haven’t settled on an exact launch date yet, but we’re aiming for the first or second week of January (2013).

Pricing and Licensing

Anyone who has previously purchased StockMarketEye will be able to upgrade to the new 3.0 version for only $20, for a limited time.

At the same time, we will also be raising the price of a new license to $59.95.

So, if you’re considering purchasing a new license, there’s really no difference between purchasing now plus upgrading in January, or waiting to purchase in January.

Our licensing model will also be changing to allow anyone who purchases for personal use to install StockMarketEye on all of their personal computers. Businesses will need to purchase one license per computer (but contact us for bulk discounts). We’ll give more details about the new licensing structure in a later post closer to launch date.

What’s New in 3.0?

We’ve been working on StockMarketEye 3.0 for over 9 months and there’s so many new and improved features that it’s hard to list them all. So here’s just a short list of the biggest new features and improvements.

  • Reports View – the current “Transactions” view of a Portfolio has been upgraded into a more general area for all types of reports. The new reports view will include the old transactions view, a new gain/loss report and a back-in-time report. But it also has room to grow and will be the place we add other types of reports in the future.
  • Brokerage Import – you can now import data directly from your brokerage accounts at select brokerages. This is an extremely useful feature and one that we hope will make it much easier for users to get started with StockMarketEye. Some of the supported brokerages are Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, E*Trade, Vanguard and more.
  • New and Improved Portfolio Data Entry Windows – the way you record buys/sells and other transactions in a Portfolio has been streamlined. The data entry windows have been redesigned to make it easier to enter transactions, whether they are buys/sells, dividends, splits or cash transactions.
  • Under-the-Hood Performance Improvements – there have been countless under the hood changes and improvements to StockMarketEye. You’ll notice that the new version starts faster and uses less memory. You’ll also see significant speedups for some features such as importing portfolios and watchlists. Essentially, large parts of StockMarketEye were rewritten in order to give us room to grow and make future enhancements easier.
  • And much more… – we’ve made many smaller changes and improvements to help make managing your investments as easy as possible. Here’s just a few: “bulk add” in Watchlists, OFX/QFX import in Portfolios, improved move/copy/transfer from one Portfolio to another, improved PDF printing, multiple selection and even more.
  • We will post more details soon, including some screenshots of the new features. So stay tuned.

    21 comments on “Coming soon to StockMarketEye…”

    1. Chandan

      About time 🙂

      I am excited. Looking forward to the launch.

    2. Walt Davis

      I just purchased this app. One wish would be the option to make the fonts larger. I am an old retired guy, not a 20 year-old with with perfect vision. It would be nice to be able to increase font sizes to where I could actually see them.


    3. admin

      Thanks for choosing StockMarketEye.

      Font control is high on our to-do list. We’ll see what we can do after the release of 3.0.

    4. Bruce S

      will you have a news field to either yahoo or google?

    5. admin

      3.0 will have a menu and keyboard shortcut to open the stock’s Yahoo or Google page in a browser. Integration of news feeds directly in StockMarketEye is an item on our to-do list for the future.

    6. Terrence

      Way to go, this is one release I am really looking forward to.

      A big thumbs up to all the team members for working so hard on this major release.

    7. Mike

      Will you provide the ability to link to a page for a particular stock like stockspy or similar?

    8. admin

      There will be a menu/shortcut for opening the symbol in Yahoo Finance or Google Finance, depending on where the quotes for that symbol come from. We may provide configurable URLs in a later version.

    9. Daniel

      It is possible that there will be new Technical Indicators?
      At the moment are few.

      example: williams, de marker, momentum, etc…

    10. Daniel

      and… change the background color?

    11. admin

      v3.0 will have 1 new technical indicator: Full Stochastics.

      v3.0 will have a couple of other useful charting additions: show percent change on y-axis; showing live, last-quote data in the chart, including for portfolio charts.

      We are planning on upgrading the charting capabilities with additional indicators as well as configuration options (such as background color) in a future version, but unfortunately we didn’t have time for that in the upcoming v3.0.

    12. Emmett

      Will you be adding a stock ticker to v3.0 like the one intigrated in PSM?

    13. admin

      No, sorry, we won’t have a stock ticker in StockMarketEye 3.

    14. J Bell

      What about ways to track cash; ie checking, MM, & Savings accounts?

    15. admin

      You can include non-quoted items such as additional cash balances, money market funds, bonds, etc, by following the steps from this blog post: Tracking Bonds, Preferred Stock and other Non-Quoted Securities

    16. Emmett

      Do you have any update on v3.0 release date and when screen shots will be posted to the site?

    17. admin

      We’re working on last minute changes and bug fixes right now, plus adding documentation for some of the new features. Release will probably be in week or so.

    18. Bob M

      Will it show YTD% (high priority to me for easy comaprisons)?

      Will it ever be web-based so I can aaccess it from wherever I am.

      I’ve been using SME for nearly a year now, like it a lot, and am lkooking forward to 3.0

    19. admin

      Yes, it has the “YTD%” column for price change, and “Gain % YTD” for a holding’s value change.

      Web-based is not something we really have on our radar right now. You can already access it anywhere, with our on-line synchronization service and iPhone app.

    20. John K

      Looking forward to the upgrade and am already finding SME a very decent replacement for PSM.

      A downloadable documentation pdf would be very welcome, and how about a user forum where questions could be asked and wisdom shared with other users?

      I have Android phone and tablet. Any plans to support Android?

    21. admin

      Yes, we’ll make a downloadable PDF of the documentation available soon after the release. And we’re mulling over the forum idea.

      An Android version is definitely on our to-do list, but may not be at the top of our priority queue. We’re going to be re-evaluating things after the upcoming release.

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