Introducing StockMarketEye 5

A New Look in Dark or Light

StockMarketEye 5 has been updated with a modern look and feel.

We’ve also redesigned many features to make them easier to use, and to give you even more control and power when managing your investments.

Dark Theme of StockMarketEye

Light Theme of StockMarketEye

New Data Provider

In addition to support for retrieving prices from Yahoo Finance, StockMarketEye 5 can also get prices from MSN Money. Look for the green MSN icon in the symbol search results.

New Pricing Model

StockMarketEye 5 is sold as a yearly subscription service.  Read about why we’re making this change and how it works.


There is no requirement to upgrade to v5 now. You can do it at your convenience at any point (or never) in the future.

⚠️ Note that we will no longer be making any changes to older versions of StockMarketEye. This means that they will continue to run as-is. However, if something out of our control changes (for example, if Yahoo Finance changes its quote feed), older versions may stop working properly.

You can read more about the new yearly subscription and our reasons for the change here:
Pricing and Subscriptions for StockMarketEye 5

And more!

Updated reports, updated charting, improved column configuration, improved usability for many features, native desktop notifications, and much more!

What’s New In StockMarketEye 5?
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