StockMarketEye 4.2.5 Released

We are proud to announce the release of StockMarketEye 4.2.5 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

This release focuses on minor enhancements to the brokerage import, Gain/Loss report and in-line editing in the Transactions report. Additionally, we’ve fixed a number of bugs to improve the stability and compatibility of this version of StockMarketEye.

Below is the full list of changes in StockMarketEye 4.2.5.

What’s New In StockMarketEye 4.2.5

  • Updates to brokerage import to support prices for non-publicly traded securities.
  • Add support for Cambridge Investment Research brokerage.
  • Add support for Other A/L type QIF files with deposits in them.
  • Use portfolio default currency in entry window if symbol is unknown.
  • Show Category name in Name column in addition to Symbol column.
  • Add totals in G/L report for Ccy columns.
  • Minor improvements to in-line editing of distributions in the Transactions report.
  • Change wording of delete menu for clarity about what would be deleted.
  • Fix for charts issue with Yahoo Finance symbols.
  • Fix for divide by zero with price to EBITDA column.
  • Fix for issues with the AllTime columns.
  • Fix for Raymond James brokerage import.
  • Fix for importing custom UUIDs in a CSV file.
  • Fix for other issues with importing CSV files.
  • Fix for freeze when selecting the lot in the Sell Lot entry window.
  • Fix for Watch Days column not sorting correctly.
  • Fix for incorrect calculation of daysHeld in Ann.TR% column.
  • Fix for duplicate manual historical quote tables in the backup file.

This is a free update for anyone already using StockMarketEye 4. If you are using StockMarketEye 4, we highly recommend that you update to the new version.

13 comments on “StockMarketEye 4.2.5 Released”

  1. G. Fischer

    March 16. StockMarketEye is no longer downloading Google Finance quotes. Is anybody else having this issue?

    I’m running the Linux client.

  2. admin

    Seems it may have been a temporary issue as the quotes seem to be working currently.

  3. Marcin

    I’ve the same problem. I’ve not refreshing google financial data.

  4. Michael

    March 19 10:18

    Am also having a problem with Google updates this morning.

    Strangely the the price and volume charts are updating with the latest figures but the portfolio lists are not. The close price is 0.00, the “Last” price is stuck at a figure between the open price and the current price there are no “Yields”

    Windows 10 Stockmarketeye 4.2.5

  5. Michael

    Sorry should have said that I am in the UK.


  6. G. Fischer

    Same thing again this morning. It did pick up some of the Google quotes late Friday afternoon. I buy stocks and ETFs on the Toronto exchange.

    If I try loading an individual quote it’s loading the one that Google let through on Friday afternoon.

  7. Geoff

    March 19th – 4pm in the UK.
    Unfortunately Google quotes are not working for me – either PC or iOS . Possibly coincidental but the backdoor to my old Google portfolio also no longer works and the hack url now reverts to the new & far less useful portal.

  8. craig h

    my stock market eye isn’t functioning on ios or windows pc, hasn’t worked all day, any ideas?

  9. Pat Blount

    Having similar issues with mobile app and desktop. It began yesterday 19/3, still got issues this morning

    I’m using on Apple

  10. Andrew

    March 20. Version 4.2.5 seems to have stopped downloading quotes again. It’s been like this for several days.

  11. Eric

    March 20, mac client. The quotes are not updating.

  12. Jonathan Tite

    March 20. StockMarketEye is no longer downloading Google Finance quotes. Is anybody else having this issue?

    I’m running the Windows PC client.

  13. admin

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Please see our latest blog post for an update on the situation:

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