StockMarketEye 5.0.11 Released

We are proud to announce the release of StockMarketEye 5.0.11 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

This is an update for the new StockMarketEye 5 version, bringing long awaited features and important fixes.

This version includes support for saving Portfolios, Portfolio Groups and reports as a PDF file. You can access this feature by clicking on the “More” menu on the Portfolio or report’s toolbar, then clicking on the “Save as PDF…” item in the dropdown menu. Along with PDF support for Watchlists and Watchlist Groups added in the last release, StockMarketEye 5 now has the same PDF capabilities as the old StockMarketEye v4.

Note that saving to PDF is very flexible and configurable in StockMarketEye 5. You can now choose the font size, paper size and orientation each time you save as a PDF. This allows you to squeeze as much or as little information into the PDF file as you want.

There are also a number of optimizations and fixes in this version, including an optimization that makes the initial loading of quotes much faster, especially if you have lots of Watchlists and/or Portfolios. There is also a fix for problems with horizontal scrolling.

Below is the full list of changes in StockMarketEye 5.0.11.

What’s New In StockMarketEye 5.0.11?

  • Save as PDF! You can now save watchlists, portfolios and reports as PDF files.
  • Added support for intraday technical indicators and comparison symbols in the chart.
  • Improved the speed of initial quote loading when there are a large numbers of watchlists or portfolios.
  • Added ability to change the memory settings of backend.
  • Fix for custom horizontal scrollbar not scrolling with mouse.
  • Fix for missing horizontal scrollbar on Windows when Display scaling was greater than 100%.
  • Fix for issue with the exported CSV files not having a header row.
  • Show a link to the exported chart CSV after export.
  • Fixes for exporting the chart data to a CSV file.
  • Fix for issue that prevented completely removing comments in a multi-lot item.
  • Fix for issue concerning the volume alerts.
  • Fix for potential infinite spinner issues at startup.
  • Fix for issue that prevented a newly added transaction from displaying in the Transactions report.
  • Fix for long-standing issue with splits that occurred after the end date of the Summary report and their affects on the Change value in the Portfolio-on-close.

If you are running StockMarketEye 5, please update at your earliest convenience either through the auto-update feature or by downloading and installing from our website.