StockMarketEye 5.2.2 Released

We are proud to announce the release of StockMarketEye 5.2.2 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

StockMarketEye 5.2.2 introduces a new feature for converting dividend+buy transaction pairs to individual reinvested dividend transactions. For more information on this feature, checkout our User’s Guide page on Converting Dividend+Buy Transaction Pairs to Reinvested Dividends.

We’ve also improved the way the header menu button works so that it does not take up space. When you hover over the column header the menu button (3-horizontal lines) will appear on the right-hand side of the column header. In the past, space was reserved in the header for this button, preventing the column from auto-sizing completely. In StockMarketEye 5.2.2, no space is reserved in the header for the button. When you auto-size the columns, they will now be more compact than before. You can always manually resize the column by clicking and dragging on the header divider.

This release also includes a number of smaller improvements and fixes, such as for the sizing of the sections in the Allocation report and correcting the displayed order of transactions.

Below is the full list of changes in StockMarketEye 5.2.2.

What’s New In StockMarketEye 5.2.2?

  • Support for conversion of dividend+buy transaction pairs into reinvested dividends transactions.
  • Improved button on column headers so that it does not take up any space and columns can be auto-sized better.
  • Add support for old Windows keyboard shortcuts (Shift+Delete/Ctrl+Insert/Shift+Insert) in input fields in addition to standard shortcuts.
  • Add support for “delete” key in input fields.
  • Added the total number of shares in grouped Gain/Loss report items.
  • Improvements to the sizing of the sections of the allocation report.
  • Improved the organization of the Help menu.
  • Improve SecType default values.
  • Improvements for using the most recent historical quote as the current quote for manually imported quotes.
  • Imported historical quotes are no longer rounded, unless they are more than 8 decimal places.
  • Maintain the link between buy and sell-lot transactions when copying or moving.
  • Maintain custom Last value when copying or moving items in a watchlist.
  • Fixed the sort order of transactions on the same date so it matches the balance calculation order.
  • Fix for the Last price not getting zeroed out at the start of trading day for mutual funds.
  • Fix for grouped charts (i.e. weekly, monthly, etc) that overlap last candle with last day.
  • Fix so that changing the symbol in the transaction window does not remove the total and other fields.
  • Fix for the Summary report’s Management fees and Interest out having wrong sign.
  • Fix for issue that could cause date parsing issues in QIF files when not using the automatic date format.
  • Fixed parsing the currency value in live quotes.
  • Fix for issue arising after license expires.
  • Internal updates.

If you are running StockMarketEye 5 and have an active license, please update at your earliest convenience either through the auto-update feature or by downloading and installing from our website.