StockMarketEye 5.4 – Schwab, Tooltips and More

We are proud to announce the release of StockMarketEye 5.4 for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Schwab Brokerage Support

Importing from Charles Schwab brokerage works again! We have been working with Schwab on an interim solution to getting the brokerage imports working again. More details on why this was needed can be found in our blog post here. The interim solution that is available in StockMarketEye 5.4 is a temporary fix while we work more with Schwab to build out a long term solution using Schwab’s new API. On the surface, with the interim solution, importing and updating from Schwab works the same as before. Under the hood, there have been changes which allow us to access Schwab’s “direct connect” service in a more secure and controlled manner.

We strongly suggest that you read our User’s Guide page on importing from Charles Schwab before updating the next time.

New Tooltips!

StockMarketEye 5.4 adds support for tooltips in the Prices and Fundamentals views. Tooltips provide a quick way of viewing prices, alerts and comments, without having to open the alerts screen or the details window for the holding. The tooltip will be displayed when hovering the cursor over the first column in the Prices and Fundamentals views. Details about the item under the cursor will be displayed in the tooltip. Tooltips show the ticker symbol and name, current pricing, configured alerts and comments. When moving the cursor out of the first column, the tooltip will disappear. Tooltips are enabled by default, but can be turned off with the Preferences -> Interface -> “Show symbol details tooltips in Watchlists and Portfolios when hovering over the first column.” option.

Tooltips in StockMarketEye 5.4
Hover the mouse over the first column to see the tooltip.

New Transaction Types and Usability Enhancements

StockMarketEye 5.4 also adds support for new, portfolio-level transaction types for recording taxes paid and management fee adjustment transactions. These transactions affect the cash balance. They help you effectively categorize special portfolio-level events and manage your cash balance.

We’ve also added many smaller enhancements, tweaks and fixes to improve the stability and usability of StockMarketEye. New columns, editing columns, and many usability improvements are all part of StockMarketEye 5.4.

A full list of the changes included in StockMarketEye 5.4 is included below.

What’s New In StockMarketEye 5.4?

  • Schwab brokerage import works again!
  • Show tooltips on hover over the first column in the Prices/Fundamentals views.
  • Added support for “Taxes” and “Management Fees Adjustment” transaction types. See documentation for more details.
  • Enhanced support for Schwab advisor-exported CSV files import.
  • Improve Schwab CSV parsing to handle short/cover and option transactions.
  • In Watchlists/Portfolios, when returning from Alerts, Properties, etc, select and show the previously selected items.
  • When selecting a date in a dropdown calendar, the dropdown will close immediately when the date has been selected. If the time must also be selected in the dropdown, the Apply button is shown and must be clicked before the dropdown will close.
  • Report filters that allow multiple selection (such as Transaction Types, Symbols, etc) will continue to show the dropdown of items to select after a selection has been made. This facilitates selecting multiple items quickly. The dropdown can be closed by clicking on the up arrow on the right of the field, or by clicking outside of the dropdown.
  • Add preference, “Autosizing columns also considers the header name width in addition to the visible data widths” in Preferences -> Interface. This preference is enabled by default. If you want more compact columns when auto-sizing, uncheck this preference.
  • Added new columns: CB/Share Ccy, SCB/Share Ccy, ACB/Share Ccy for showing the per share cost basis values in the currency of the portfolio.
  • Added new columns: BuyExp and BuyExp Ccy in the Prices view for showing a holding’s expenses (commissions, fees, taxes).
  • Added support for editing the “Strike Price” column.
  • Added support for editing the FwdDiv value of holdings in a Portfolio.
  • Added a “Help with this report…” link in More dropdown menu in Reports.
  • Added the name of the Watchlist/Portfolio to title on the Properties screen.
  • Changed “Default Commissions” for new portfolios to zero. Can be changed on the portfolio’s Properties -> Portfolio screen.
  • Order of the Allocation report views is now the order shown in the “Displayed Views” field in the toolbar.
  • Improvements to the historical quotes import and use as current quotes for non-quoted symbols.
  • Fix the external chart window’s search field.
  • Fix for an issue with MSN mutual funds quotes and charts.
  • Fix for dragging in the folders view to show the drop locations.
  • Fix to immediately show the updated Total when setting the cash balance.
  • Fix for the downloading update screen on Windows not showing the download progress.
  • Fix for auto backup files not being created on Windows.
  • Fix for an issue with the “Move to…” feature in the Transactions report.
  • Fixed issue that made the Cash line appear initially for portfolios created without a Cash balance.
  • Fixed an issue with the Preferences -> Interface -> “Show ‘Today’ and ‘Overall’ percentage values for the top-level ‘Portfolios’ and Watchlists’ items.” option.
  • Internal improvements and optimizations.

If you are running StockMarketEye 5 and have an active license, please update at your earliest convenience either through the auto-update feature or by downloading and installing from our website.