StockMarketEye 5.6.2 Released

StockMarketEye App Updates and Releases

Happy New Year! Our first app update of the year has been released!

StockMarketEye 5.6.2 has been released for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This contains some bug fixes and changes that were done in an effort to improve its usability and user experience.

IMPORTANT: This update will be rolled out in stages, so not all users will get the update at the same time. The end of the rollout giving 100% of users access will be completed in one week.

We want to ensure the rollout is done smoothly and without issue. Thank you for your patience!

What are the latest changes with StockMarketEye 5.6.2

The 5.6.2 build includes the following updates:

  • We are introducing analytics in this version in order to understand how the desktop app is being used. You can still deactivate this through the settings.
  • Updated our Privacy Policy and EULA in order to reflect the introduction of analytics across our products.
  • Fixed a small issue where some emojis were missing under certain circumstances in the dropdown.
  • Fixed the issue where purchase details in Categories couldn’t be opened.
  • The RSI column in Portfolio and Watchlist tables it’s now calculated for the 14-day periods as in the chart.
  • Fixed locked state when updating data from broker.
  • Fixed issue where OHLC below .01 price was not showing correctly.
  • Fixed issue where the list of all transactions disappears after updating from brokers if one transaction was removed.
  • Fixed the issue where users were getting an infinite loading state when trying to register a bought stock.
  • Fixed the issue where not all attributes are updated when the transaction ticker symbol is changed.
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t log into their Chase account through the broker import features.

If you are running StockMarketEye 5 and have an active license, please update at your earliest convenience through the auto-update feature.

We Updated Our Privacy Policy

We wanted to let you know that we have updated our privacy policy and takes effect with the release of 5.6.2.

What does this update mean? This update includes new analytical gathering capabilities within our app.

You can opt out of this data collection at any time through the app’s settings. It is entirely up to you.

We want to assure you that this data will only be used to improve the functionality and user experience of our app. It will not be shared with third parties.

Using this data to improve the app with your help:

  • Understanding which features are used the most.
  • Asking for specific feedback on feature usage from customers who have interacted with them.
  • Creating campaigns around product usage.

Please note that we may use this data for additional purposes in the future. For example, creating a variety of marketing campaigns, analytical objectives, and so on.

If you have an older version of our software and wish to upgrade to version 5, you can do this in less than 10 minutes through our guide to upgrading StockMarketEye.