StockMarketEye 5.7.0: New Look, Same Great Software!

StockMarketEye homepage redesigned

Introducing the Improved StockMarketEye App & Website

Upgraded visuals for StockMarketEye

Our goal has been to provide our loyal users with long-sought improvements while maintaining the core functionality you have come to rely on.

The redesigned StockMarketEye version 5.7.0 offers a more enjoyable and seamless experience, making it easier to use.

Read our blog post on the 5.7.0 Patch Release that fixes the Yahoo Stock Data issue for more information.

What Will You See in this Release?

With this first release of the upgraded software, you will get a big boost in the visual atmosphere of the desktop app. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • New branding colors that resonated with the team
  • Cleaner components, such as buttons, tables, and fonts
  • An accompanying Dark Mode with upgraded visual

These are just a few improvements that we hope will enhance and simplify how StockMarketEye is used.

Please note that no major functionality changes have been made; this update focuses primarily on our design. You will continue to receive great features and portfolio tracking.

But Wait, There’s More!

There is more updates to StockMarketEye

It is not just the desktop app that got an upgrade.

You will have noticed, real fast, that our website has also gotten a huge visual improvement. It underwent a serious rebranding and redesign effort.

Our team wanted to keep what has made StockMarketEye such a great portfolio-tracking tool and combine it with a modern look.

We will continue building the website and its content to provide insights into the financial and investment world.

Take a Look Around

We would love it if you explored the redesigned StockMarketEye desktop app and website. Our hopes are that you enjoy the enhanced user experience they offer.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and invite you to share any comments or suggestions with our support team.

What Is Coming Next? A Glimpse Into Our Roadmap

As we embark on this journey of growth and transformation, we set our sights on taking StockMarketEye to the next level, and we couldn’t be more excited!

To provide everyone with more clarity about our next steps, we’d like to share our roadmap for May and June, which is packed with essential improvements and feature upgrades to boost our app’s functionality and stability.

We thank all our amazing customers for providing constructive feedback on the new version, UI, and any pesky bugs. Your input is invaluable in helping us create an even better StockMarketEye experience for everyone!

Version 5.7.1

To be released by the end of next week, sooner if possible!

  • Ability to switch between compact and relaxed styles of StockMarketEye.
    • You will want to use the compact view if you prefer to show more columns and rows on your screen.
  • Ability to switch number colors to show value change (red and green) or to use black text with red and green arrows
  • Various design bug fixes reported by our users and beta testers.

Version 5.8.0

To be released by the end of May. This update was delayed by the current Yahoo Finance issue.

  • A Brand New Online Sync – we have rebuilt the online sync functionality to improve the real-time sync experience between devices (desktop to desktop and desktop to mobile). This will be first released to our beta group for testing.
  • We will launch our new mobile apps! Completely re-made for better functionality.
  • Support for new mobile apps.

Since November 2022, we have been actively working on finding a solution that would allow us to rely on something other than Yahoo Finance exclusively to avoid issues like the ones we have faced recently.

🧮 Through this time, we have been reviewing, testing, and implementing an entirely new data provider into our software, TwelveData. It has been a long process, but we are delighted to announce we will integrate this new provider in June.

What Will Happen in June?

Starting in the third week of June.

  • Support of new market data provider TwelveData to give you another stock quote choice besides Yahoo Finance.
  • New and improved alert functionality with new alert condition options, email notifications, and easier configuration functionality.
  • Bug fixing reported by users:
    • Including (among others): Cannot change y-axis to price with technical indicators.
  • New and improved onboarding and free trial experience for new users.

🚧 We understand that growth and evolution can sometimes bring challenges, but rest assured, we’re diligently working to enhance your experience with StockMarketEye every step of the way.

We hope this helps to clarify our next steps; we are developing vital changes and features for the functionality and stability of our app in the future.

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