StockMarketEye 5.8.2 Release

StockMarketEye Updates and Releases

We’re excited to announce the release of version 5.8.2! There are a few updates we would like to draw your attention to, as it will change how you interact and experience the app when it comes to logging into your StockMarketEye account.

IMPORTANT: This update will be rolled out in stages, so not all users will get the update simultaneously. The end of the rollout giving 100% of users access, will be completed in one week.

We want to ensure the rollout is done smoothly and without issue. Thank you for being so patient!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Please back up your data if you have not used Online Sync.

As a general precaution, please make sure you back up your data if you have not used the Online Sync feature. In case you encounter any issues, you will be assured that you have a backup copy of your data.

New Account Log-In Flow

Now, when you download a new StockMarketEye build (version 5.8.2 or newer) you will be asked to log in with the following flow:

If you are already logged into your StockMarketEye account, you will be prompted to log in with your account email in a popup. When you click Verify, a browser will open and you  will see a verification screen letting you know your account has been verified. You can start using the app.

Welcome to StockMarketEye screen

If you do not have a StockMarketEye account, your default browser will open and you will be asked to either log in or sign up with a StockMarketEye account.

After logging in or signing up, you can close the browser and you will be logged into your StockMarketEye app.

Note: Your StockMarketEye Account is not the same as your billing account. Creating a StockMarketEye account does not require any changes to your subscription.

Troubleshooting the Verify Account Log In Flow

Let us help you manage any situations that may come up when using the new log in flow. Please take a look at some possible scenarios and their solutions. If anything not covered comes up, please let us know at [email protected].

I logged in and it says I am on a Free Trial, but I have a paid account

If you logged in, but are now seeing a prompt to Buy Now it means you accidentally created a new account instead of logging into your existing SME account.

Use your StockMarketEye account details to log back in to continue using your paid account.

Seeing the Buy Now button on new account

I am seeing mixed data from 2 different StockMarketEye accounts that I have.

If you logged in and are seeing data from two different accounts, it means you have logged into a second account on top of your first account.

How to fix StockMarketEye if you logged into the wrong account

  1. Go to Settings > Account.
  2. Log out of the current account.
Log Out of Current Account
  1. You will be triggered to Verify Account again.
  2. Your web browser will open after you click Verify and show that you are logged in with the new account. Please log out of this account so you can log in with the correct account.
Log Out of Account a Second Time
  1. Please log in with your existing SME account.

Note: If you are not sure which email you previously used to create your SME account, please contact support and we can look it up for you.

Sign Into StockMarketEye using current account
  1. After you log in with your correct account, you will still see the Buy Now prompt. The final step is to run a debugging. To do this, first enable debugging under Settings -> Advanced -> Debug Logging.
  2. After you have checked the Debugging box, close and restart the app.
  3. You should now only see your correct account.

Changes Done to the Software Trial Period

There has been a few changes done to the Trial Period that StockMarketEye offers to its users.

The Ability to Restart the Trial has been Removed

Once the trial expires, the user will see the following popup.

Trial Period Ending Pop-Up

Trial Time Frame has Changed

The trial lifetime has changed from 30 to 14 days.

Software Capabilities Changed After Expiration

The functionalities that a user can access after the trial has expired has changed. Users can only review and export data from the StockMarketEye app.

Yahoo Error Popup for Users that didn’t Accept the Cookies

Any user that does not, or have not, accept Yahoo cookies will see the following popup in their portfolios and watchlists:

Yahoo Cookies Error Pop-Up

Bug Fixes

[Yahoo issue] The columns are not displaying the data on the “Fundamentals” tab

Fundamentals data should now be showing correctly. Previously, there was a bug from Yahoo preventing StockMarketEye from receiving Fundamentals data.

[Bug] The user cannot change y-axis to price with technical indicators

You can now change the y-axis to price with technical indicators again. Additionally, the y-axis will default to price when you relaunch the app, instead of defaulting to %-change.

Changing Y-Axis to Price with Technical Indicators

[Bug] The user is unable to access the sub-portfolios within a Portfolio Group

If the user was hiding ‘Today’ and ‘Overall’ columns in the Folder’s list and ‘Today’ and ‘Overall’ percentage values for the top-level ‘Portfolios’ and Watchlists’ items from the “Interface settings” section of the “Interface” tab in settings, the portfolios and watchlists that were included in the groups, were disappearing.

Currently the user can see the watchlists and portfolios that are included in the groups.

Grouped lists disappearing bug
Grouped lists disappearing bug fixed

[Bug] The “Dividend” and “ExDiv Date” columns are left-aligned

The columns’ alignment was updated to the right.

Columns aligned right fixed

Download the Latest 5.8.2 Version

If you want to download this new version directly, here are the links: