StockMarketEye Implementing TwelveData: An Alternate Stock Data Provider

StockMarketEye introduces TwelveData stock data provider

In our endeavor to improve the way StockMarketEye provides stock data, its level of accuracy, and overall reliability, we want to introduce you to a new, additional data provider: TwelveData.

TwelveData is an innovative financial data provider that offers real-time and historical data across various markets. Just like us, they are committed to accessibility and reliability. TwelveData has proven itself to be a trusted partner in the financial data landscape, with 24/7 support.

Why Are We Adding TwelveData?

You may be wondering why we are introducing an additional data provider.

The simplest answer is: having multiple data providers can help mitigate issues that can happen with only one data provider. This will allow StockMarketEye to be more stable and reliable.

As a point of evidence, when Yahoo Finance updated its privacy and cookie policy, this affected the way StockMarketEye and its customers could use their stock data.

We already knew that a solution was needed. As we want our customers to continue tracking and monitoring their investments with no delay.

Can You Trust TwelveData?

We did not make this decision lightly, and we knew that relying on just one provider would not be a long-term solution.

Our product and development team has worked on an alternate solution for close to four months. They conducted in-depth research and due diligence to make sure that the provider we decide to work with met our criteria for quality and reliability.

We arrived at the conclusion that TwelveData was at the forefront of providing access to global financial market data and would be able to provide you with the reliable and accurate information needed.

How TwelveData Improves Your StockMarketEye Experience

At StockMarketEye, we are always thinking about how our work can improve your experience using the tool. We want to continue making sure that the app saves you time and helps you with your financial goals.

This is where TwelveData can enhance your experience:

  • A vital point is you get an alternate stock data provider. There will always be a backup you can rely on for updated quotes, daily and historical data, and other financial data.
  • TwelveData’s track record and reputation give you the needed reliable and accurate data.
  • You get fast and convenient data updates whether you check your portfolios daily or monthly.

Stock Alerts Get a Major Upgrade

Thanks to TwelveData, we are able to alert users through email (and push notifications when the mobile apps are released).

Before, stock alerts only worked while the desktop app was open and was very limited in how it alerted users.

Steps to Using TwelveData as Your Provider

With the release of the next StockMarketEye update, you will be able to access and select TwleveData as your data provider. 

The steps are extremely simple, the same as flipping a switch!

Switch Your Quotes Provider in the Settings Menu

Go to your Settings and locate the Quotes section. You will easily find both Yahoo and TwelveData – simply click on the provider you wish to use:

Select TwelveData from Quotes Menu

Confirm TwelveData Use

After having selected TwelveData as the preferred provider, you can always check to see what provider you are using when loading quotes:

Confirmation of TwelveData Use

Let Us Continue Improving Together

The StockMarketEye team is invested in improving the way you use and experience our app. We could not do this without your input, so we thank you for your feedback and patience.

Feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected] with any questions you may have. We are excited to continue bringing you solutions so you can focus on what really matters, your financial future.