StockMarketEye for iOS v1.3.0 Released

We are proud to announce that a new version of StockMarketEye for iOS is now available on the App Store.

Version 1.3.0 sports the new iOS 7/8 flat look. It works the same as the previous version, but has a different look-and-feel to it. We think you’ll appreciate how it blends in with other iOS 7 applications. We’ve also added support for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6plus.

This version also improves the news article reading experience. The new version of StockMarketEye for iOS will open articles in Chrome or Safari, rather than using a built-in browser. We recommend installing Chrome (it’s free) as it makes returning to StockMarketEye when you’re done reading much easier.

You can now also choose which tab you’d like to start on. In the old version, you would always start on the Watchlists tab. Now you can choose between the Watchlists, Portfolios or Synchronization tab.

Below is a complete list of changes and fixes in this version of StockMarketEye for iOS v1.3.0.

What’s New In StockMarketEye for iOS v1.3.0


  • Updated look for iOS 7/8.
  • Support for iPhone 6 and 6plus.
  • Improved news reading experience by opening articles in Chrome (recommended) or Safari.
  • Added setting for selecting which tab to start on.
  • Fix for broken passcode protection on iOS 8.
  • Fix for money market fund pricing.
  • Fix crash when there was no previous close price available.
  • Fix for calculation of market value and gain when multiple currencies are involved.
  • Fixed minor issues with on-line sync to desktop app.
  • Fixed a freeze when refreshing portfolio totals.
  • Update to latest Appirater.
  • Note: This version of StockMarketEye for iOS is only available if you are using iOS 7 or later.

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