StockMarketEye v2.3.6 Released

We are proud to announce the release of StockMarketEye v2.3.6 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

This release contains a number of new features, changes and bug fixes that will improve your investing experience. One particularly useful new feature is the display of an alert window when adding a ticker symbol for which StockMarketEye does not have any data. StockMarketEye may not have data for this symbol because it does not correspond to any known company (a typo, perhaps), or perhaps the symbol is from an unsupported exchange. In any case, StockMarketEye will actively inform you of this fact before adding the symbol to your Watchlist or Portfolio. You can still choose to add the symbol, which leads us to another useful new feature…

The ability to track non-quotable items in your portfolio. For those users who want to include investments such as Certificates of Deposit (CDs) or Money Market funds, you can now add these investments using an arbitrary symbol (“CD-2015” for an example CD that matures in 2015).

Below is a complete list of the additions and changes in this version of StockMarketEye.

What’s New In StockMarketEye v2.3.6

New Features

  • Display an informational window before adding invalid ticker symbols
  • Database folder may be relocated. This allows the StockMarketEye database to be stored on removable media such as flash drives (for security) or on a backup disk (for peace of mind). More information available here.
  • New columns: Gain % YTD, Gain YTD, Gain YTD Converted
  • New column: Watch Yield (for Watchlists only: Dividend per Share / Watch Start Price)


  • Editing sell transaction data flows changes back to existing portfolio item
  • Saves “Last” price for items with an unknown symbol. This provides support for including non-quotable items in a portfolio (example: CDs, Money Market Funds, assets from unsupported exchanges, etc)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixes in QIF import for Scottrade QIF files.
  • Fixed issue with changing currency associated with a stock.
  • Fixed issue with Total Return calculation and multi-lot portfolio items.
  • Fixed issue with Gain calculation and multi-lot portfolio items.
  • Fixed issue caused by empty column settings being saved in database.
  • Fixed some issues with rounding of values.
  • Editing dividend, capgain or RoC transaction correctly sets the transaction type in the edit window.

There is no charge for this upgrade so we recommend that all users (trial and licensed) download and install this new version.

You can download the latest version of StockMarketEye here.